Friday, 24 April 2015

Have Mercy for the Family

Have Mercy for the Family

Sign This Petition to Pope Francis to "Save the Family" at the Next Synod

Earlier this year in the USA TFP Student Action set up a world-wide petition to save the family. So that at the Next Synod for the family In October the traditional family will be strongly supported in all texts that come out of this Synod. Many are concerned that dissidents and liberals within the Church are using this Synod to put forward their destructive agenda. We hear all the time about mercy but very little about justice. Which is the most important? Surly they are two sides of the same coin.

In answer to Cardinal Kasper interventions regarding the Synod a number of Cardinals and theologians including Cardinal Burke contributed to a book called Remaining in the Truth of Christ. Cardinal Burke in his contribution wrote there are those who have a “...mistaken idea of what it means to be “pastoral” which has it source in the pervasive relativism in our culture” Our Media lead culture is giving the dissidents within the Church strength to keep up their attacks on Catholic doctrine. We must show that we are not fooled by the media or the liberals in the Church by any means we can.

Please sign this petition if you haven’t already. Please note this is a USA instigated petition and your email will be used to notify you of further petitions and actions from this group.

The petition has now reached 167,992 signatures as of April 19th.

To sign please
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