Sunday 3 May 2015

Who can we vote for?

The Sun - double standards? Or is there more to it.

As Catholics who do we vote for?

At CUT we often get asked about politics, who should we support, and more importantly at the moment, who should we vote for? This is a difficult one when all parties seem to be anti-life and anti-family. Our view on this remains the same. As none of the major parties support Catholic moral teachings perhaps we should find out who among the candidates in our local constituency does, if they are all pro-choice or pro-same sex marriage, perhaps we should consider spoiling our ballot papers in protest? We would be interested in your views here.

Greens to turn to Polygamy?
Whatever way you vote avoid the extremist parties, I know some of you feel that all the major parties now have extreme policies on moral issues – perhaps you think they have no morals left? However, whoever we vote for perhaps we should avoid the Greens who have among some of their extremely silly ideas, Polygamy.

Are Labour even more extreme than the Tories? What would they do to the family?
On the election and the media above is an example of a media text, something to study. Not that the Sun Newspaper is worth studying most of the time. But what’s up here? Why is the Scottish Sun endorsing the SNP and in the rest of the country the Sun is attacking the SNP? There are many levels to this, one being the Sun is populist, and selling newspapers is more important than being consistent. However, perhaps more important Mr Murdoch will do anything to keep Labour out of power – perhaps a good thing for the family. I can’t forget though that it was a Conservative government that brought in same sex marriage!


  1. Well I’m voting for Ukip – I want to save Europe from liberal England.

  2. Me too. Our candidate posted a rather inflammatory comment on Twitter. He's withdrawn it but not before I saw the cut of his jib. Sounds like my kind of guy.

  3. Its a hard one for catholics. as im not in England I don t know what smaller parties and independents are saying. Maybe you could look at independents and quiz them on their moral values. Pro life, Homosexuality etc. As you say the bigger parties have lost the plot. and its all about staying in power. In the sexual morality area ukip dont seem to too bad but as regards their attitudes to immigrants it leaves a lot to be desired. (I was a stranger and you welcomed me.) If no party Or candidate comes up smiling you can 'spoil' your vote and write down the reasons your 'spoiling' your vote. let the counters see it. By 'Spoiling' your vote this way your not really spoiling it. But if you vote for someone you dont think is a good candidate then you are spoiling your vote. Democracy I think is on its last legs. Democracy put to death by politicians.

    St Thomas More pray for us.

    By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Rita - Dublin

    1. Well put - don't spoil your vote by voting for a candidate or party that will enact laws that are incompatible with Christianity. Can a vote be a sin?

      Prayer Crusader with St Philomena and Bl Dominic