Tuesday 29 January 2013


Upon the Ruin and Conquest of Britain

Gay Marriage and Britain’s loss of Grace
I always find it very moving to read the words of St Gildas from his work De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae – On the Ruin and Conquest of Britain:

“WHATEVER in this my epistle I may write in my humble but well-meaning manner, rather by way of lamentation than for display, let no one suppose that it springs from contempt of others, or that I foolishly esteem myself as better than they; for, alas! the subject of my complaint is the general destruction of every thing that is good, and the general growth of evil throughout the land;- but that I would condole with my country in her distress and rejoice to see her revive therefrom.”

St Gildas wrote these words in AD 540 as the pagan barbarians pressed ever further into Britain. Using the imagery from the prophets of the Old Testament he saw the trials and tribulations of the Roman-British Catholics after the withdrawal of the Roman legions as God sending plagues and heathen invaders to punish His people for not obeying His laws. Perhaps then it is not surprising that, on the day a ‘Conservative’ Prime Minister announced a bill to legalise so called same-sex marriage, Britain entered into a triple dip recession.

21st Century Sodom and Gomorrah
David Cameron, like Barak Obama, says he is a Christian and has a Bible; but do they ever open their Bibles? Neither are Catholics of course but surely they know the teachings of Christianity and Sacred Scripture on homosexuality, it is quite explicit. As Jesus called the Pharisees hypocrites, so we call Cameron and Obama. How dare they clam to be Christian and ignore Christian values; how dare Cameron use weasel words like he ‘passionately believes in marriage’ only to propose a perversion of marriage. The letter his office is sending in response to pleas to stop this grotesque development says that enabling same-sex couples to get married will strengthen – not weaken – family ties: what utter hypocritical nonsense. However, he had better beware for God will not be mocked.  The cry of Sodom and Gomorrah in the 21st Century is amplified throughout the world by the broadcasters - and their sin is mortal.

It’s not only Britain that’s in trouble but the whole of Europe is in desperate straits, led by those who have sought to impose strident secular beliefs and materialism at the expense of their mortal souls. There is more to existence than shallow secularism; there is a deeper reality but it is being ignored. Instead the governments of the West are brainwashed by those in the media with vested interests who are pushing its peoples into ever more liberal and secular laws that are contrary to Natural Law. Why is it that suddenly all over Europe and America we have this push for so-called ‘Gay’ marriage? What is going on, are there forces behind the scenes? The alternative media will say it’s ‘Common Purpose’ or some other perverted cult, or even lizards in human form, or the Masons.  However the alternative media are not really interested in whether Gay marriage comes about or not. But perhaps there is a kernel of truth in this (apart from the lizards, at least literally).  I believe there is something behind all these hideous developments - and it is Satan.

The Barbarians at the Gates
Have no mistake: Satan wants the family, he knows that marriage between a man and a woman was instituted by God and he wants it undermined. The Family has been the very basis of a successful and stable society, a safe place to bring up children. A Gay marriage (like civil partnerships before it) will deprive children of either a mother or a father. Lucifer’s pulpit has been in the front room for decades now, and also in children’s bedrooms for many years and what have we got? A dysfunctional society that doesn’t know right from wrong.

The TV and the Great Deceiver
For almost ten years now, CUT has tried to point out the relationship between the TV (particularly as provided by the BBC and RTI) and the destruction of moral values. We have argued that there is a clear relationship between the TV and abortion, the TV and strident homosexual progress, the TV and the sexualisation of society and children, the TV and violence, bad manners and a general disrespect of others, the TV and anti-Catholic rhetoric. But perhaps the most important point is this: if you watch the TV and more importantly pay the licence fee you are part of the problem. Would you make donations to Stonewall or the IPPF’s advertising fund? No? Well, if you fund the BBC it is as good as doing just this. The BBC are extremely good at brainwashing people into accepting the aforesaid perversions whilst saying they are merely debating social issues, when in fact they are intervening and leading the processes of moral decay.

Archbishop of Southwark the Most Rev Peter Smith has asked Catholics to ‘mobilise’ in opposition to same-sex marriage so we will do our bit; write again to your MP or send the ‘Speak Out for Marriage’ cards to him or her. Send a note of support to Archbishop Smith. There will be many dissidents who will be sending him contrary advice.

We ask all Prayer Crusaders to pray every day the Crusader Prayer, for marriage and that the same-sex marriage proposal will be defeated, from now until the debate and vote in Parliament on February 5.

O glorious St...(your intercessor saint)... pray for us
And for those in the public sphere
Especially those influenced by Satan’s lies
May the Lord touch their hearts bring them to repent
And  walk upon the path of truth and temperance
O Subject of the heavenly realm pray also for all led astray
Pray especially for marriage and that the same-sex marriage proposal will be defeated
And pray for me, a sinner.

Our Father

Hail Mary

Glory Be

Prayer to St Michael the Archangel

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us


  1. We must harness all our resources to persuade people that most of what is sent out by the media is evil

    1. The media has become the mouthpiece of Satan. I agree we must do all we can.

  2. In a conversation about natural law, I am often asked " What is natural law?" As Pope Benedict says people have forgotten that there is a nature that cannot change.

    1. Yes agreed animals do God’s will by simply being, but man has been given a free will to accept God’s will and His Natural Law or reject it. Despite the attempts of the pro-gay lobby to prove otherwise homosexual activity is not found in the natural world.

  3. Catholic people are too trusting of the government but too distrusting of the Pope and other Clergy. A few priests convicted of crimes and suddenly we start treating all our priests as being 'on licence'. Yet people will still listen to Cameron's Machiavellian yet ridiculous arguments,carry on working for the government, and still pay the BBC more each year than they give to the Church!
    People already are brainwashed. It starts with the education system. The Catholic Church needs to cut itself off from anything to do with the State. Why not private Catholic Schools with volunteers or staff working for lower salaries?
    We need to run a tight ship, not try to plug a sinking one. If people want to dissent they know where the door is.
    By the rivers of Babylon...

    1. Yes well said we should support our Pope and the vast and overwhelming majority of our priests who do an extremely difficult job. The Pope has remained consistent from his days as a Cardinal in the CDF to today. This is why there is such venom among the homosexuals and their media lackeys towards him and the Vatican.

      Cameron on the other hand three days before the last election said he had no plans to redefine marriage. This does not help us to trust politicians.

  4. This government is turning a sacred sacrament into a vile corrupt thing. They are promoting a foul form of sexuality in which people perform disgusting acts into British marriage law. Ultimately God will destroy these people as were the Kings in the Old testament that ignored the prophets. Will anybody challenge my theology, I don't think they can. Everyone can be forgiven but if you persist all your life promoting sin redemption becomes quite a problem!

    1. Your theology is spot on. Death may come to anyone at any time 'like a thief in the night' as Jesus said. We must do all we can to save these people and stop the redefinition of marriage. Of course same-sex marriage can't actually be a valid marriage no matter what the government says – it’s what God says the counts.

  5. Catholics, you have had your day - we will have equality and human rights. The future belongs to us.

    1. I remember a film called Cabaret at one chilling point the Hitler Youth sang a song called 'The Future Belongs to Us' or something like that, very totalitarian!

    2. It is surprising what the future may bring perhaps something totally different than than shallow minded so-called progressives believe. Soon antibiotics will not work against bacteria that has become immuned to them and death at a relatively young age will become common place as diseases such as T.B. return. It is very interesting when death becomes commonplace religion starts to become a major feature in people's lives. Equality and so-called human rights will become of little importance . Anyway so called human rights in todays "NU -Speak" means the suppression by a vociferous minority of the rights of the many. For instance the homosexual lobby who represent not more than 5% of the population dominate the present media in their demand for more than equal rights.

    3. Interesting that Catholics should talk about the Hitler Youth - wasn't your leader one of them? The Catholic Church did sign a concordat with the Nazis, it’s not surprising that you belittle human rights.

    4. The Catholic Church signed a concordat with the democratically elected government of Germany who were the Nazis of the early 30s to try and protect Catholics and Catholic schools etc. Perhaps we should try and have a Concordat with this government regarding preserving Catholic freedoms however, judging to what happened to Catholic adoption agencies I doubt we would have any better success than with the Nazis.

  6. The present restrictions of freedom of conscience and freedom of speech in the UK are daily becoming reminscent of the early days of Hitlers regime.
    Of course political correctness was invented by Stalin who still has many devotees in British Universities!


    1. Agreed Rigby we must preserve our freedom of conscience and freedom of speech.