Thursday 19 October 2017

The liberal media and the Antifa

Whitewashing the Black Bloc

 There have been so many lies told, and truths concealed, that it is difficult to know where to start, but I should begin with the protest against the attack on Confederate monuments. The vast majority of the protesters had no connection with extremists of any kind, and they hate the fact that such protests attract extremist elements.  They are, overwhelmingly, good people, Southern patriots defending their heritage and the ideals for which the Confederacy stood – a traditionary rather than a positivist approach to law, recognition of divine authority, limited government, subsidiarity in the form of States' rights, and a preference for civilisation over modernity and technological progress. There is no connection between such ideals, which are grounded in the British and European heritage of the South, and Nazism; nothing could be further from the Southern spirit than Hitler's dictatorship. As for white supremacism, I must admit that the dishonesty on that point pre-dates the modern media as it began with the lie that the War Between the States was fought over slavery when Lincoln was very clear in saying that he would be happy not to free any of the slaves if the Union could be saved, indeed he guaranteed that slave States loyal to the Union could retain slavery for all time if they pleased. It was fought over States' rights, and it took place at a time when black people living in the North suffered random violence on a regular basis.  Mrs. Beecher Stowe wrote truthfully in describing abolitionists who could not stand the sight of a black, not even a child.  Many black people, including the Pentecostal Protestant rapper Kanye West, are happy to rally behind Southern symbols as emblems of rebellion against irreligious so-called 'progress'. When it comes to antisemitism, Jews and Catholics enjoyed full social and civic equality in the Confederate South, and both were represented in President Davis' cabinet long before a Jew held executive office in New England. I might add that, just as there is no connection between most of the protesters and any of these ideologies, neither is there any link between President Trump and that sort of thing either.  How can a man who has made his Jewish son-in-law one of his key advisers be accused of Nazism or antisemitism?  He has also promoted people of colour within his administration and as ambassadors.

No different than a
So if they have little to do with the spirit of the South, why do neo-Nazis and white supremacists attend such protests?  To be frank, people like that really do like a fight, but generally only with their opposite numbers in far left outfits, much as football hooligans enjoy fighting each other, but seldom attack the general public. They know that wherever anybody stands up for anything that is good, and noble, and honest, and true the organised far left will go on the attack, and the leftists have no compunction, none at all, about whom they go for. That brings me to the other side of the media dishonesty in this matter.  The media have a blind spot when it comes to the far left, and only ever report on them when they absolutely cannot be ignored, such as when they conduct Mayday mayhem city riots or attack the venues of G7 meetings.  If the protesters were mainly local Southern patriots defending their heritage with a small fringe of undesirable types, the Antifa crowd were the precise opposite with a fringe of decent local people who saw the neo-Nazis and wanted to  demonstrate against their unSouthern character and a large body of violent thugs armed to the teeth.  As President Trump said, “You had troublemakers. You see them come with the black outfits, and the helmets, and the baseball bats.... you got a lot of bad people”. These people are Antifa. Have you ever heard of them before?  Well done if you have!  The mainstream media never report on their activities.  The first time I have ever heard the word Antifa pass the lips of a BBC reporter was in the reports of the events at Charlottesville, but these people have been active for years.  They are black flag anarchists acting in concert with Trotskyites, 'orthodox' Marxists and other less ideologically distinctive leftists as a popular front of the kind described in communist literature as the form of organisation they should adopt when in a minority so as to maximise their capacity for violent destruction – just think of the Spanish War, and the various militias on the Republican side, that is what you see in Antifa, all of them together, without the complications of the Moscow connection, and they would all be proud of that comparison, proud to be compared with the red horde whose reign of terror came so close to destroying a great Christian nation, proud to be named alongside the people whose atrocities against the Church rivalled those of Nero and Diocletian.  Antifa are the black bloc in the thick of the fighting at the city riots and G7 meetings I mentioned. They, and the various groups from which their attack mobs are assembled, have a vast and grossly under-reported record of rioting, violence and intimidation to their name; they are not simply 'anti-fascist' as their name implies, they call anything they dislike 'fascism' then proceed to attack it.  As Antifa operations are planned by different groups, they choose a wide variety of targets, indeed the Antifa name has been used both by people associated with the murderous terror-gangs of the Jewish Defense League and also by radical anti-Zionists. Sometimes they go for the political meetings of the ordinary political Parties, sometimes for honest journalists whenever they manage to track one down. Sometimes they go for normal, decent people standing up for the things in which they believe.  Sometimes, just sometimes, they do find some real live fascists to attack, but they always fight back, which is a bit less fun for the brave boys and girls in black!  Mainly, however, they go for academics and student societies, partly because there are so many universities around the developed world that some of them can stage an outrage somewhere every week and send footage to their comrades, and partly because action on campus serves to recruit intellectually vulnerable undergrads to their nihilistic project of tearing down everything we know as Christian civilisation.  The attack on intellectual and academic freedom, and on free speech in general, and the fact that Antifa is not a membership organisation, but one to which individuals and groups simply adhere at will, betrays its origins in the international (somewhat ideologically impure) Maoist drive to imitate the Red Guard of the Cultural Revolution. Antifa is a modern manifestation of the spirit of '68, with tactics, techniques and local organisations of various kinds having been handed down and developed from generation to generation, at least from the 1960s.  Antifa is the spirit of nihilism and, therefore, they hate us because in Christ and His Church there is life and the fullness thereof.  Its members appear elsewhere under other labels such as Femen, We Are the Majority, Pro-Choice, Black Liberation Collective, Black Lives Matter etc., etc., but they are easily recognised by their violence and hatred for all that we love and call decent: modesty, morality, faith, hope, charity, patiotism, social and cultural integrity, truth, the family, childhood innocence, unborn life – they have attacked public demonstrations in favour of them all, or else they have attacked lectures, prayer groups and student meetings on these themes.

How bad is the problem? It is very difficult to say because, as President Trump so rightly says the  mainstream media are so dishonest.  At the national level, in America, and here in our country, they have only just admitted the existence of Antifa and they will now ignore it, if at all possible, in the hope that the general public forgets all about it.  It was only after the events at Charlottesville that the Gray Lady deigned to report on the $100,000s worth of damage Antifa did in a Molotov cocktail raid on UC Berkeley six months beforehand (and they call it news!).  The attempt to take down the statue of General Lee (who, incidentally, emancipated his own family slaves) in Charlottesville is being undertaken through legal means; but elsewhere, during the Antifa raid on Duke University, for example, monuments have been taken down or blown up by the masked terrorist gangs. Straight after Charlottesville they rioted in Phoenix, Arizona, Boston, Berkeley again and Portland, OR.  On our side of the ocean there have been fewer bombs and fires, but a lot of broken windows, furniture and equipment of various kinds; the Oxford and Cambridge Unions have been targetted, as has the LSE in another throwback to the '60s, plus a whole range of other, less well known institutions that have failed, or whose student societies have failed, to comply with Antifa's demand that certain speakers should always be denied a platform, and certain opinions never be heard.  There have also been clashes with real fascists up and down the country.  Nationalists, fascists, 'identarians' and similar sorts of racist activist have taken to holding closed door meetings in hotels and conference centres across the country under the name London, South-West, Yorkshire etc. Forum.  We all know what we think about such people, and it is not the business of CUT to defend them; but, as President Trump noted with respect to the Charlottesville protesters, they are acting in an entirely lawful manner.  Anything offensive that they might have to say is said only to people who will not take offence as they are only talking to each other.  Antifa customarily gathers a mainly masked mob (I imagine they follow the fascists on Facebook to find out where to go!) outside the venue, drawing in any decent, honest anti-fascists they can lure, smash all the windows, throw in smoke bombs, thunderflashes or fireworks, depending on what they happen to have to hand, then set on the fascists when they come out, fight until the police turn up, then run away, presumably leaving the fascists liable for the glaziers' bill.  How much of this have you heard before?  If you read a local newspaper, you might well have read a report or two, but they never seem to make it onto the BBC or into even the Daily Mirror, sister paper of so many local titles, or the Daily Mail which used to share ownership of them with Trinity Mirror. 

So why would journalists want to sit on these stories, they are really great news stories, what could be more newsworthy than domestic terrorists using violence to further their agenda, and blackmailing people to keep their enemies out of sight and earshot, and 'trolling' people on the internet with threats to life and limb?  Just look at who these silent journalists are, and who their friends are. Curious how shy some of them are when it comes to publishing details about themselves, isn't it?  Next time the BBC goes on strike just take a good look at the photos, or look at some old pictures of last time. You will see official placards from whichever union organised the strike, but also a number of others representing the caucuses of political Parties organised within the union – the same unions, with the same Party groupings, also operate in other media outlets, as do print unions unrepresented at the BBC – look at them, Socialist Labour Party, TUSC (many of them used to be in Militant), Socialist Workers Party, Workers Revolutionary Party all had placards on show a few years back.  These impartial reporters, from our politically neutral State broadcaster, these members of its editorial, production and technical staff are the comrades in arms of the low life scum on whose activities they so frequently fail to report, or whom they misrepresent as fine, upstanding citizens.  This is the massive problem – who knows the scale of it – that nobody ever cares to mention of hard left, far left, alt-left, and any other kind of left anybody cares to mention, infiltrating the media in Britain, America and right across Europe. In the past, of course, there was the question of loyalty to a foreign power; now those people have no loyalty at all, except perhaps to each other.  As for the American media, well who knows anything at all about those people?  Why would a writer for the New Yorker complain about the police standing calmly by as a planned protest with a permit marched in an orderly and peaceable fashion, and talk about “black people angry at the murder of teenagers” being “met with tanks and riot gear” when she must know that known militants in the Black Panther tradition from the Black Liberation Collective have been active in promoting the Black Lives Matter campaign?  We can guess, sure we can guess, and we can look to the past: to the fine example of Ed Murrow, Edgar Snow or John Reed, communist stooges and fellow-travellers.  Frankly, until Congress gets around to empanelling an UnAmerican Activities Committee to investigate the media, guessing is all anyone can do. Until then, the best anyone can do, either side of 'the Pond', is to stand with President Trump in calling out both the dishonest media and the alt-left domestic terrorists; he speaks for all of us, and deserves our support in this. Call on Amber Rudd to proscribe Antifa as an organisation that uses and advocates the use of violence to achieve political ends.  Fly the flag – the Stars and Bars, or the Battle Flag of the Southern Cross.  Always remember that the fight for truth is ultimately a fight for Christ, Who is the very Truth eternal and incarnate.  The fight for civilisation, culture, history and tradition is the fight for the ideal of a Christian society formed after the mind of our Lord.  The fight against the atheistic materialism at the heart of the rogues gallery that goes to make up Antifa is a fight for our humanity made in the image of God and the fullness of life lived in and through His Son.  This is the fight that matters – Prayer Crusaders, Comrades, to arms!

By Prayer Crusader St Philip Howard

The Sword of General Lee

Forth from its scabbard, pure and bright,
  Flashed the sword of Lee!
Far in the front of the deadly fight,
High o'er the brave in the cause of Right
Its stainless sheen, like a beacon light,
  Led us to Victory!

Out of its scabbard, where, full long,
  It slumbered peacefully,
Roused from its rest by the battle's song,
Shielding the feeble, smiting the strong,
Guarding the right, avenging the wrong,
  Gleamed the sword of Lee!

Forth from its scabbard, high in the air
  Beneath Virginia's sky--
And they who saw it gleaming there,
And knew who bore it, knelt to swear
That where that sword led they would dare
  To follow--and to die!

Out of its scabbard! Never hand
  Waved sword from stain as free,
Nor purer sword led braver band,
Nor braver bled for a brighter land,
Nor brighter land had a cause so grand,
  Nor cause a chief like Lee!
Forth from its scabbard! How we prayed
  That sword might victor be;
And when our triumph was delayed,
And many a heart grew sore afraid,
We still hoped on while gleamed the blade
  Of noble Robert Lee!

Forth from its scabbard all in vain
  Bright flashed the sword of Lee;
'Tis shrouded now in its sheath again,
It sleeps the sleep of our noble slain,
Defeated, yet without stain,
  Proudly and peacefully!

       - Fr Joseph Abram Ryan


  1. As Christ said "Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters." Prayer Crusader St Philomena

  2. Great article. The money comes as you know from Soros

  3. Recently I heard a radio interview with Black Lives Matter's foundress, Patricia Khan-Cullors; she said Marxist idealogue Angela Davis had been mentoring her for seven years, and that she regards Black Panther police killer Assata Chesimard as a role model. The Woman's Hour interviewer treated her with the greatest deference - what else would one expect?
    Prayer Crusader St Philip Howard