Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Binge drinking, civilisation on the brink

How Black Friday became Black Eye Friday

Passed out woman, Photo copyright The Express

Binge drinking is out of control, hospital A & Es are swamped with mostly young people, drunk and suffering from alcohol poisoning, young woman dressed like prostitutes lying passed out drunk in the gutter. A typical last Friday before Christmas; and yet the BBC is quick to tell us that overall drinking is going down. The BBC, that great deceiver and robber of people's faith, have left the young people of Britain with no faith, so what do they do? What do they turn to but drink, sex and drugs? For too long the BBC have preached a secular mantra of abortion (woman's right to choose), contraception (have "fun" with no conscience and no payback) and homosexuality (suicidal victims unless everyone accepts their perversion as normal) until people no longer know right from wrong. The only religion left for the majority of people now is to get smashed, have a good time and hopefully they will not wake up in hospital at 3 o'clock in the morning surrounded by their own vomit.  But it's not just Black Eye Friday, it's almost every Friday and Saturday night throughout the year.

Is the Government’s solution for modern women's drinking to put them in combat situations?

Once women were considered the great civilisers, whom men would look to for inspiration to create great art, or to work long hours for and to raise a family with. With the news this week that the government wants to put young women in front line combat infantry there seems little now for men to protect. Psychologically there's nothing left for men now so watching inane TV, drinking and fighting each other is all there is especially on Black Friday, - sorry, it’s now called Black Eye Friday, due to all the drunken fighting, and the fact that retailers have usurped the name Black Friday to have a pre-Christmas period sales binge, which took place at the end of November. One of the biggest sellers for the Black Friday sales binge were huge 32inch TVs for £100 quid! The downward spiral of Western Civilisation continues.
By Prayer Crusader - St Philomena

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  1. Just a quick note - women too have been great artists, and especially as authors