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Tim Minchin Pope Song

Tim Minchin - Taking anti-Catholic bigotry to the level of pornography.
Today the media is often full of hate inducing extremism, especially directed at those who follow the traditional family values of the Catholic Church. At CUT we try and expose this whilst at the same time maintaining Christian charity. For without Charity we are but a noisy gong and without love we are nothing. As St Paul says, “Charity is patient, is kind: charity envieth not, dealeth not perversely, it is not puffed up.” 1 Cor.13:4. We must not however, just lie down and be trampled on. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear: but of power, and of love, and of Sobriety.” 2 Tim 1:7. We must not return like for like but we must know when and how to respond when to turn the other cheek, when to confront those celebrities who are inciting hated towards the Church and the secularising Pharisees within the Church. It is therefore our duty to respond, we say deprive those at the top of the secular media pyramid (the BBC) of funds and influence. By cutting off the head of the serpent the rest of him will die.

Tim Minchin singing Pope Song
Today we ask you as Crusaders – Prayer Crusaders to pray for Tim Minchin whose anti-Catholic, Pope Song is a frightening example of this anti-Catholic hatred. It was part media bandwagon leading up to the visit to Britain of Pope Benedict XVI in 2010. One would think that the response of British Catholics to the visit of the Pope, where hundreds of thousands turned out to welcome him would have been enough to show those Catholic haters we love the pope and our faith. But no it continues and Tim Minchin’s You Tube posting of Pope Song has and it is still attracting plenty of views - over a million each for two of the Pope Song postings. But the comments it attracts ... oh my goodness me. They are so awful one would think we are living in 1930s Nazi Germany. The song you understand has more expletives than any other word with word pope sometimes also appearing in the ‘lyrics’ just pure undiluted anti-Catholic hatred.
But why oh why on earth are we the butt of such extreme abuse – it’s quite simple the BBC and other secular channels have spent the last 15 years doing everything they can to stoke up this hatred. I could run a list of programmes which been carefully orchestrated on all BBC channels and indeed sometimes other stations like Channel 4. The reason being the BBC is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, Pro-euthanasia, but anti-Catholic and likes to protect the established Church in this country and trying to bully the Catholic Church into changing her teachings. The BBC have produced programme after programme, news report after news report that have denigrated the Catholic faith and this has given encouragement to the bigots. Here is just a few, for despite the fact that that throwing condoms at AIDS infected populations in Africa have made the situation worse they made programmes like Sex and the Holy City and Can Condoms Kill? See BBC's Panorama's Sex and the Holy City revisited This distorted the facts and ignored the evidence that Catholic countries that follow the teachings of the Church have far lover AIDS rates than non Catholic. It was as deceitful a campaign that the BBC has run. Then there were many programmes on child abuse in the Catholic Church, up until last summer about 45% of their coverage was directed at the Catholic Church despite the fact that only 0.1% actually took place in the Catholic Church. And also ignored fact that the few cases that did take place in the Catholic Church were mainly committed by homosexuals that have managed to get into the priesthood. If this is not deliberate distortion to create anti-Catholic hatred then I do not know what is.
Let us return to Tim Minchin and his Pope Song, there are no lyrics to the song just a series on expletives with the words Pope, Jesus, His Mother and child abuse occasionally mentioned. Perhaps you may say we should ignore these as juvenile antics, but being puerilel to them is an artform, and they dare you to attack it. However, it is not being ignored by millions of people who approve of this form of bigotry and are having their Anti-Catholic bigotry massaged and inflated. Below is a link to the song just to let you see the comments they are very very scary and remember a year or so after Minchin did this song he was invited on the Royal Varity Show!
Content Warning
I cannot put this link up without giving a warning that the song contains extreme bad language and I would suggest that ladies do not open the link. The song is obviously under the influence of the Devil and it contains blasphemy against Jesus and Our Lady. If you do open the link say a prayer of exorcism such as the prayer to St Michael the Archangel before you do so. Tim Minchin singing Pope Song 
Adopting a Celebrity
How can we over come such extreme blasphemous hatred? The answer is quite simple by charity and prayer so please pray for Tim Minchen and people like him. Remember our tactics for spiritual combat we pray for our enemies especially those in the world of celebrity. If you are a member of CUT you have adopted a celebrity and pray for their conversion, perhaps someone would like to adopt Tim Minchin? In the mean time we ask all Prayer Crusaders to pray for him.
1. We pray for his health and happiness, especially for his spiritual heath, and for the wellbeing of his family.
2. We pray for his success but that he turns away from a career of in inciting hatred and blasphemy to one of inspiring love and charity.
3. Most of all we pray for his conversion to the Catholic faith, that he may become a strong and faithful orthodox follower of Jesus in the Church that Christ Himself founded.
No greater act of charity can we give to Tim Minchin than to pray for his conversion. For we love our enemies and pray for them.  No greater gift can we give him then to pray he turns to God. No greater peace can he have than the love of God.

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