Tuesday, 27 May 2014

EU voters vote against morally defunct governments

UKip vote – was it all about Europe?

EU flag
As Catholics we are not part of a national church but a Church that transcends all boundaries, therefore the European Union debate does not always excite us quite so much as the average Brit. Perhaps only when there are laws coming from Brussels that seem to go against Traditional Christian principles on Life issues or Family values do we sit up and take note.
UKip on the other hand have based their success on being anti-European Union but is this all there is to it? Granted there has always been a large minority who are anti-European Union in this country, we are an Island race and would like to remain so but this does not account for UKip suddenly becoming the largest party from Britain in the European parliament, after all both Ukip and Britain’s membership of the EU have been in existence for a long time.
I believe there are pointers to the fact that UKip have picked up votes from the other parties because Ukip are perceived to support traditional moral values - the ground that used to be occupied by the Conservatives – until they became pro-‘Gay’ marriage and forced through this new law with the help of the Liberal Democrats (and Labour). The Conservatives are now 3rd, below Labour in MEPs - see For Gay Weddings but a Tory Funeral post last year. We predicted this would happen, for although the media fools most of the people most of the time they do not fool all the people all of the time to borrow from Abraham Lincoln. Quite simply the Conservatives have alienated a large minority of their voters who have gone over to UKip.
The Liberal Democrats have been all but been decimated, flying the LGTB flag over Whitehall earlier this year when the first same-sex marriage took place may have pleased their friends at the BBC but just occasionally people sit up and say ‘hang on this is not right’. People saw the Lib Dems as a centre party, politically and economically, however they have finally been exposed as the socially and morally left wing extremists they are and have always been. It was after all David Steel (later to be liberal leader) who brought in the motion to legalise abortion in 1967 strongly supported by the BBC at the time who produced a multi-level media platform in support of abortion. The BBC turned all its mediated weapons on the unborn using TV and Radio, news current affairs, interviews and drama to support the pro-abortion legislation. It’s just so good to see them get their comeuppance.
It’s not only in the Britain that this protest vote has happened France has seen a major swing against their government who brought in same sex marriage laws despite the millions of Catholics who protested in the streets of France against this un-natural law. Ireland too has seen their coalition decimated with voters turning against their government who despite the protests of the Irish people brought in abortion to one of the few places in Europe where Children were safe in the womb. God will not be mocked forever, these parties will fall if they do not amend their ways.


  1. UKIP are the natural party for a Catholic to vote for. They are against homosexual marriage. They are for the nation state and patriotism. This includes ethnic minorities who are part of our society. Giving the lie to the smear campaign by the establishment parties that UKip is 'racist' NOT true one bit.

    1. How so? Being for the nation state and patriotism is nore natural for Protestants and members of the Church of England NOT the Catholic Church. Catholic means Universal. The Anglican Church or Church of England and other Protestant Churches such as the Church of Sweden are allied to their respective nation states. Henry the Bastard took over the Church in England and made it subject to himself. It is subject to the government of this country and the sovereign.
      UKIP has smeared itself with statements regarding laws and the EU that are simply not true. Whatever one make think of the EU it is clearly wrong to gain votes by lying in order to manipulate people to vote for you out of fear.

    2. Perhaps they should be the natural party for Catholics, given their stand against homosexual marriage but how strong are they on this, also what is their stand on abortion? This was my point in the post they picked up votes from other parties because they were seen to be against same-sex marriage. Funny how this aspect has been ignored by the BBC who now have changed their tune a little about Europe but not on homosexual marriage. Cherry picking or What!
      On patriotism it could be argued that the nation is part of our extended families; however we must put Christ before even our families let alone a nation. For Jesus said “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life." Matthew 19:29. We must therefore put the Church before the nation, nations come and go but our souls live forever. Henry VIII (who may not, as pointed out be the true king of the time) put the nation before the Church which is heresy. As for racism yes it is clear that right wing parties do attract resist elements and UKip do have their far share of them, and do not appear to be distancing themselves from them, their leader (who has a German wife) said he is quite happy to have emigration of Germany but not Romania. Is this not racism?

  2. UKIP have continually attacked Catholics stating they are part of an EU conspiracy no wonder it is described as a nasty party!

  3. Yes I have heard this too. The conspiracy elements in UKIP hate the Catholic Church for not being what they consider British. However, most of Europe including the UK owe their advancement as the great cultural, and economic world leaders to Christendom which was based on the Catholic Church.