Monday, 31 December 2012

The Crusade of Prayer

Catholics Unplug your Televisions (C U T) are dedicated to making people aware just how dangerous the television and most of the media can be, especially for our souls. Our prayer wing the Crusade of Prayer engages in spiritual combat for the souls of celebrities and all those who are badly influenced by their often poor example. In doing this we also acknowledge our own weakness and tendency to sin for when we pray for any celebrity we know that only by the grace of God can we pray for them.

Members of CUT are largely anonymous, the opposite of celebrities; we do sometimes correspond and have contact with the media. However, we are always courteous, if any letter is written on behalf of CUT it should to be cleared by CUT at the address below before sending.

CUT has been in existence since 2003 and has had some support from the Catholic press in the past. Prayer is our main action but sometimes we ask people to send letters to the broadcasting corporations, especially if there has been an instance of blasphemy (but only if the Crusader wants to take this action). We also ask members to put the newsletters in churches or pass them on to anyone who will listen. The threefold work of a Prayer Crusader is 1) Prayer, 2) Work, and 3) Sacrifice. However, only prayer is required to be a member, even if some days they can only manage a Glory Be. We are currently on our eleventh prayer Crusade which is dedicated to making people aware how damaging the television is to the environment, both natural and spiritual. We also pray for the Pope’s intentions and also for our local bishops.
Everyone who joins CUT is added to our Little Litany of the Prayer Crusade, and sent an Aide Memoire of Spiritual combat, some CUT Newsletters (for them to put distribute if they can), a Prayer Card with membership of the Crusade of Prayer and CUT. Any member can request a Prayer Crusade or write for our website, Blog and newsletter.

Per year we usually produce two newsletters and two briefings and an aide memoire on spiritual combat. The newsletters are our main campaigning material. We sometimes ask everyone to pray on the same day or time if we know of a media event that is contrary to the teachings of Jesus and His Church. The Crusade of Prayer is basically to counter the influence of the cult of celebrity. Members are asked to keep an eye on the website/Blog and to join in Prayer with other Crusaders. Those who do not have internet access will be contacted by phone or letter (if there is time).
Prayer Crusaders are usually only known to other Crusaders by their saint and location. They are all asked to pray for the other Crusaders. Please remember the Devil does not like us to work for Jesus and His Church (this work includes the distribution of our Newsletters and the Prayer Crusades).  Therefore, you may need to use spiritual defences such as making a good confession, receiving Holy Communion, regular prayer, saying the rosary, Holy Water, etc. Pray also to your Guardian Angel for protection and also to our patron saints, Our Lady Mother of Good Council and St Michael the Archangel. Prayer Crusaders also have their own intercessor saint or ‘battle buddy’ for want of a better expression!

The Prayer Crusader's threefold work:

1) Prayer, prayer is most important and very powerful it is compulsory for all members.
2) Work, distribute our newsletters, point out, when you can that the TV and the actions of celebrities are quite often incompatible with Christianity.
3) Sacrifice, time and work can be a sacrifice, making a donation to a charity or to CUT (this is not at all compulsory), fasting (we use the Churches guidelines on this although some members will regularly do more and one does a 24 hour fast every week). Attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we can dedicate the Mass to a specific cause.
Please send us information you may come across on the TV and the media if you wish. Please excuse any delay if corresponding for we try to answer each one. We would rather use email if you have one however, if not we will try and write a reply to every letter we receive.

Support Catholic television

No matter what happens to the BBC over the Jimmy Savile scandal (which will probably be nothing) the television is here to stay. Therefore, the Church should use this medium to proclaim the Gospel as the Vatican II document Inter Mirifica has instructed us; therefore, we say get involved, don’t just sit on the sidelines, give Catholic TV stations your support and feedback. CUT has always supported EWTN the largest Catholic broadcaster which has a global reach but they need your support, EWTN has now a world audience second only to CNN.

Spiritual Combat – choose a saint as a ‘battle buddy’

If you would like to join the Crusade of Prayer choose a saint as your spiritual ‘battle buddy’, please apply to CUT at St Winefride’s House, Mynd Close, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY2 5RA, UK. However you may ask what do we mean by having an intercessor aid and a spiritual ‘battle buddy’? Prayer Crusaders engage in spiritual combat to counter the bad effects of the media and the Cult of Celebrity. Let us know which saint you would like (or we can allocate you one that has not been taken). We will enroll you in the Crusade and send you a prayer card etc.
We are now on our 11th Prayer Crusade which is for the environment and that the television's role in damaging the environment be fully understood.
The Catechism says: ‘The saints are our models of prayer. We also ask them to intercede before the Holy Trinity for us and for the whole world. Their intercession is their most exalted service to God’s Plan. In the communion of saints, throughout the history of the Church, there have developed different types of spirituality that teach us how to live and to practice the way of prayer.’ (364, Catechism of the Catholic Church – Compendium)

Happy New Year to all our members and supporters

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