Sunday 3 July 2022

The latest Rainbow Flag


Is the Rainbow Flag now obsolete

Or is it compulsory?

With the ever increasing
additions to the alphabet pride people
list of sexual deviancy?
Is this the latest Pride flag?

Here we are in June now July as well, months that the material world (and some of the Catholic) celebrate as "Pride" months. With Pride, alphabet events happen in almost every community, even in small Cornish and Welsh towns that have been left alone up to now. You cannot turn your computer on without rainbow flags appearing on the home screen of the search engines, even your anti-virus providers will jab you with a multi-coloured "alphabet" theme as you run the anti-virus clean-up programme. The Corporate world has fully embraced alphabet world with any decent or questioning of diversity policies leading to disciplinary action, even dismissal. The media will slant any reporting on this to support the Pride people. This is one of the reasons why CUT - Catholic Unplug your Televisions - was formed, to study and warn people of the brain washing capabilities of the television and film which has been backed up by radio and the newspapers and even social media. (Although we do get a chance to push back via social media, but even here we are being squeezed and penalized by so called "fact checker and hate speech monitors" so you can barely move.)

 Therefore all news outlets are fully involved in pushing the Pride agenda. There are reports that if complaints are made about hate speech the alleged perpetrators have been arrested and imprisoned awaiting trial (yes this is in the UK and not Saudi Arabia). *Please see some references below.

However, is the Rainbow flag now obsolete? (thank heavens, you may say, we have the Rainbow back). That is perhaps the only positive thing about the expansion of the Pride flag to include more colours as the sex obsessed add more and more categories to the ever expanding sexual deviant panorama with the colours light blue, pink, brown and black added to the colour swab.

London Pride flags July 2022
(this type of totalitarian display seems too
close to 1930s Germany for comfort)

London Pride Wembley Park

One wonders how many more sexuality categories can be added and what will the flag end up looking like? So what is the future for humanity, a pansexual, half human, half machine with A.I. enhanced brainpower, who is a super sexual organism achiever but with no ability to reproduce outside the lab and the factory floor? Yep, the Jackson Pollock version of the Rainbow Flag is more appropriate than the old bigoted six colour one.

Jackson Pollock's aptly named
Could this be the next alphabet flag?

Seriously, though, this is why we fight this ever escalating culture war, because the very future of humanity itself is at stake let along the eternal souls of those involved.


*References to the police taking action on people who question things Alphabet and Rainbow flaged

Hull live 25 Jan 2019 - "Humberside Police tell man to 'check his thinking' after he likes 'offensive transgender limerick' on Twitter"

Info Wars Europe June 04 2021 - A 50-year-old mother in Scotland has been charged with a ‘transphobic hate crime’ and faces up to two years in prison after she retweeted an image of a suffragette ribbon.

We will leave the last word to Merseyside Police:


  1. This looks like the end of the world, when will God press the reset button?

  2. Halifax just lost 10,000 customers because of Woke virtue signaling. Serve them right!