Thursday 13 May 2021

Oscars flop

 Oscars flop

Hollywood is destroying itself

At a time when Hollywood should be supplying good wholesome family entertainment, it has chosen to become a far left art house film club, therefore, making films that only appeal to a small minority of left/liberal elites. Perhaps they think they can hide under the umbrella of the occasional blockbuster to keep up interest in films and fund what they really want to do such as depressing art house films like Nomadland?  This film won best director and film - a film that no one wants to watch and is virtually unwatchable, more like a politically correct documentary than a film.

A Woke in Hollywood

The Oscars 2021 received the lowest audience in their history dropping 58% from last year, which was down too on the year before and at a time when most people were in lockdown.

The Oscars were just a stage for the preachers of politically correct left/liberal millionaire hypocrites virtue signalling "look what a great person I am". However, as we know at CUT the media and especially Hollywood and secular TV are the enemies of Christ, it's just that now at last a wider audience are finding out.

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