Sunday, 25 April 2021

You Tube censors?


What happens when You Tube starts to censor a channel

Many Conservative You Tube channels have complained that they seem to get censored for what ever reason, or no reason at all. They complain that they haven't actually done anything, - for example, talk about LGBT issues in a morally conservative light. They just see that their channel has suddenly dropped off in viewers; even popular past posts suddenly plummet in viewers. This happened to my channel last week, whereas up until last week I was getting a total of over a thousand views per week and now it’s less than a hundred, barring my latest post which has been plugged by emails.

So what's happened and why, it's hard to say but I have a hunch that it's our Traditional Catholic video magazine "Christendom Rising"; not that it has anything particularly controversial, it just shows and discusses large Traditional Catholic Families, and explores why the young are attracted to Traditional moral values (without knocking any modern trend) and the Traditional Latin Mass. However, it looks as if that was enough for them to change the algorithm on my channel and therefore make it difficult for people to find it. Please see the view graph of my various posts, all drastically down this week compared to the previous weeks.

The orange line is Christendom Rising, see what has happened after a day or two of it being posted, and now its only being sustained a little by people passing on email links.

Here is the link to the You Tube video "Christendom Rising"

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