Friday, 27 April 2018

BBC and MSM spread anti-Catholic hatred

BBC Scotland say Holy Communion 
"tastes like cardboard and smells like Hate"

The BBC are once again bashing the Catholic Church this time it's a video made for BBC Scotland's Facebook page. And once again it's that non word, Homophobia that's being levelled at the Church claiming that we are hate inspirers. And yet faithful Catholics are the only ones showing true love towards those who have active same-sex relationships, for they are trying to save them from eternal damnation.  The vile video has been criticised by Bishop John Keenan of Paisley as it states that Holy Communion "tastes like cardboard and smells like hate" I think the only ones trying spread the stench of hatred here are the BBC and their homosexual henchmen.
Alfie Evans still alive after five days without life support
Anti-Catholic is anti-Life - in media and law
The left-liberal pro-gay media and the left-liberal pro-gay judiciary appear to be out to kill little Alfie Evans. Alfie Evans a toddler of 23 months has been bedridden in Alder Hey Hospital Liverpool for well over a year and now the judge has ruled he must be taken off life support and left to die, despite the fact that a Roman hospital want to treat him, the Italian government has granted him Italian citizenship and there is an aircraft waiting a Liverpool airport to take him to Rome. However, the judge has now ruled he cannot leave the country - why when there may be a chance of curing him? Could it be that because they are Catholics and there is a chance of saving the little boy that the judge does not want the Catholic Church being seen in a good light? Why you ask do I make this assessment, well the judge in question is a member of the BLAGG Bar Lesbian and Gay Group and has co-authored a book titled Children and Same Sex Families.

The Main Stream Media became quite hysterical once they realised the Evans family are Catholics. Janet Street-Porter of the Daily Mail states "poor Alfie, a tragic pawn in a religious war," Religious war! What nonsense! We just want to save a little boy's life, she goes on "his parents' fight ... hijacked by the Catholic Church." Here we go again once you mention the Catholic Church, poor little chap he doesn't stand a chance. This smells like hate to me!

To read more of Street-Porter's tripe click here: Janet Street-Porter


  1. The reason my they (the judges) wanted the boy dead was to prove the that state has power of the parents. The especially the LGBT Nazis, want your children.

  2. Peace on earth... Read the Last Supper in Milan in
    Watch also the video in youtube