Saturday, 14 April 2018

Western Media push for 3rd world war

Is the BBC pushing us into a War with Russia?

Just a few questions every Prayer Crusader should ask and pray about:
  • Why does the fanatically anti-Russian BBC take every opportunity to attack Russia and her allies?
  • The BBC hates the Syrian Government but why are they favouring militant Islamic groups that are simply terrorists. It's simply not proven that Syria is using chemical weapons - why should Syria, they are winning?
  • The Government are doing the BBC's bidding and so are the other ridiculous main stream media newspapers such as the hideous Sun and Daily Mail which  support the illegal action by Britain the US and France!
The answer is quite simple, Russia is one of the few Christian countries that still regards homosexual acts are sinful and are not afraid to say so. And the homosexual led western media will do anything to get at Russia - anything! Even to the point of bringing us to a world war!

By Prayer Crusader St Philomena

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