Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What the MSM really hate

The Main Stream Media really Hate a Catholic who stands by Catholic Teachings

Whenever there is Main Stream Media interest in anything Catholic it's usually if some member of the hierarchy gets involved in a scandal, or denies Catholic Teaching or some scandal involving a priest. Apart from that they're not really very interested, or they do not want to draw attention to anything Catholic if it's good. Perhaps that's why we are so very rarely talked about. However, if a prominent Catholic like a MP who has been linked with the PM's job affirms traditional Catholic values, the vitriolic knives are out with a vengeance. The BBC, ITV, Sky, the lot all go for it - this orthodox Catholic must be killed off before he becomes attractive! Rees-Mogg is a case in point, we can't have this true Catholic believer, and more to the point, seen to be believing in real Catholic teachings given a positive press, he must be belittled and scorned and pulled off his perch and the sooner the better!

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I often take a look at the Huffton hissy-fit Post to gauge the impact of anything Catholic that's in the news - and they didn't disappoint, the anger the vitriol and misinformation, the sheer mendacity of it all was truly exceptional, if fact I think they outdid themselves.

Take this article for instance from the aforesaid Huffpost:

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Views On Abortion And Same Sex Marriage ‘Wouldn’t Be So Acceptable Coming From A Muslim' Huffpost 

The cowardice here is truly risible they won't tell the actual truth about Muslim terror because they know that some Muslims will do a Charlie Hebdo on them.

I like the part 'Wouldn't Be So Acceptable Coming From A Muslim' in fact this would really only be said by a moderate Muslim, Muslims are in fact and action, far more extreme.  Perhaps the real reason why Muslims can't be bothered to get involved in the pro-life and the anti-same-sex marriage debate is that they see both of these issues as being ways the West is killing itself off?

Here is a link to some Hissy Huffy  classic 'attack Rees-Mogg at all costs' posts for you all to savour, but only read if you are really keen on bitter herbs and have a very strong stomach.

Fox TV positive TV drama series about the Devil
And here I should not try to be funny for the member of CUT under the patronage of St Anthony has asked me to alert you all to a new TV series from Fox TV on the Devil, yes you got it they are portraying him in a positive charming way, he asks to protest to Fox, here is a link Fox TV

With prayers - Prayer Crusader St Philomena

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