Friday, 8 September 2017

Ress Mogg and the media

Are YOU a Nazi?

Or just an ordinary orthodox Christian?

Piers Morgan - Photo Wikipedia 
Perhaps more to the point is Piers Morgan an ordinary Catholic or is he a Nazi?

Modern media presenters like Nicky Campbell like to label everyone who is opposed to LGBTQ infiltration into every aspect of our lives as far Right. Likewise if you dare to suggest that the more Muslims there are in a country the more likelihood there will be terror attacks you have fascist tendencies. Therefore we have to ask you - are you a Nazi?

I hear the response now,  'no, we're just orthodox Catholics, just ordinary family men and women trying to find our way through the minefield of modern day life.'

The ultra liberal media browbeat a traditional Catholic politician
It is perhaps a useful lesson for us all to learn especially as we are trying to study and understand why the media is so militant towards Christians and especially Catholics. For to occupy the public sphere whilst professing traditional Christian values is giving the media hacks a larger stick than usual to browbeat the supporters of decency.

A lesson in media aggression
This article and interview regarding Catholic politician Jacob Rees-Mogg is a case in point. Having been recently linked with a challenge for the leadership of the Conservative party and therefore prime minister, he went on Good Morning Britain to talk about Brexit but may have had some inkling that he would be ambushed, and pointed out to Piers Morgan that as he is a Catholic he takes the teachings of the Catholic Church seriously. Piers Morgan retorted that he is also a Catholic but does not agree with the Catholic Church! Therefore Morgan is a heretic and should not be allowed Holy Communion of course. Many think Rees-Mogg was not properly prepared to face such fierce questioning. Dr Joseph Shaw makes some important suggestions for Catholics in the public sphere when answering questions put by the secular media. They need to be rehearsed in answering the 'bloody question' like the Jesuits who could be asked  (viz.: if the Spaniards invaded to topple Queen Elizabeth, who would you support?)

Jacob Rees-Mogg
It is probable that Rees-Mogg was continuing an off camera or pre-interview briefing with the producer and presenters - he knew he was in for it but what else could he do but assert the teachings of the Church to the obvious heretic and hypocrite "Catholic" Piers Morgan, therefore exposing Morgan, but he could have done it better. Nevertheless we should be grateful to Rees-Mogg for opening the debate again on abortion and same-sex marriage in politics and on the media. The howling wolves of the mainstream media are out to get him. This probably shows that they are not so secure in their liberal world after all.

 I do pray and hope that Piers Morgan has some humility and repents.

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