Thursday, 21 May 2015

19th Prayer Crusade for Ireland

The 34th Amendment to the Irish constitution
·         How the media has brainwashed the Irish people.
·         Referendum on Same-Sex marriage opinion polls say will probably be accepted
·         We instigate our 19th Prayer Crusade for a referendum NO vote.

19th Prayer Crusade
Oh holy St Rita, the 22nd of May is your feast day, on this day the Irish people vote in a referendum on same-sex marriage. We turn our weary eyes and prayers to you in the hope of a miracle that the NO vote will prevail.
St Patrick – Pray for Ireland
St Michael the Archangel – Pray for Ireland
Holy Family -  Pray for Ireland
Our Lady Mother of Good Counsel - Pray for Ireland

Here is a message from our Prayer Crusader under the Patronage of St Rita, Dublin
On the 22nd of May Ireland goes to the polls on two issues one being the age at which a young person can run for the presidency, (obviously the most pressing issue in Ireland, who cares about homelessness, mortgage repayment and joblessness with such an important and pressing issue as this. The politicians, good on them, always get the priorities of the nation right). The second is asking whether people agree with legalising same sex ‘marriage’. When the government was forming a coalition between Labour and Fine Gael this was one of the pay offs to the Labour Party to obtain their support - a referendum to legalise same sex marriage. Kenny was willing to take on board gay ‘marriage’ for power.
             Ireland differs from England in this regard in that we have a written constitution. A written constitution is a type of template which other laws that are enacted or prepared to be enacted cannot conflict with. It was drawn up in 1937 by the founding fathers of the independent Irish republic, such as Eamonn De Valera who was a daily Mass goer and with a large input, thankfully, from the Catholic Church. He drew up a large part of it in collaboration with Archbishop Charles Mc Quaid. So it goes without saying that it is much hated by modern liberals and liberal politicians or large tracts of it anyway. It is an enviable situation to have this written constitution, though much under attack from these liberals with continuous attempts to change it to their image and likeness and is being slowly eroded by these liberals with the help of the media’s effect on the populace when these referendums are taking place.
      In every referendum virtually, those who care about the moral fabric of society have to fight tooth and nail to defend the constitution. This one is no different.
      The media have been doing their bit to indoctrinate the nation in the ‘virtues’ of homosexual love and the compassion of letting them have ‘marriage’. This indoctrination over the airwaves has been unrelenting, totally biased and flying in the face of all broadcasting rules. It is an extension of that battle that has been going on in all countries across the globe: the normalising of homosexual ‘love’. The holding up of erotic sexual love, eros, and masquerading it as the sacrificial love which Jesus exhorted us to, agape. By and large the media and the homosexual lobby have been quite successful in presenting vice as virtue and virtue as vice. And this is what is at the heart of this referendum and the gay rights movement in general. Truth. The gay lobby telling us that if this referendum were successful it would not affect marriage in any way. Nonsense. Only those who were really and deeply grounded in their faith could survive the decadent onslaught that would be unleashed and many of these wouldn’t be left unaffected either. For instance in England Christian owned guesthouses have had to close due to homosexuals determined to frequent these lodgings and hold these owners up to a legal process when their owners would not comply. And in the process deterring other Christians from embarking on this form of livelihood. Catholic adoption agencies have had to close rather than give over children to those who are engaged in a homosexual lifestyle. In Northern Ireland a Christian bakery had plenty of media abuse heaped on them for not baking a cake and putting an inscription on the cake saying that they supported same sex marriage. (I’m unsure if that case actually went to legal proceedings). In these instances it was done with the intention of foisting the new law on these Christians, whereas they could easily have gone elsewhere but did not do so. It is clear from this the same would happen in the Republic of Ireland with the wind of the law at their backs. Homosexual activists would seek to further their agenda by confronting Catholics with the law.
            Bishop Brendan Leahy, the Bishop of Limerick, has stated that he is concerned that if the law were changed there might be attempts to change school text books to include homosexual ‘marriage’ as part of the curriculum. The Archbishop of Dublin is slightly less clear. He stated that he is voting no. But regretted having been put in the position of voting no. He stated that the civil partnership should be broadened (tweaked was his word) so that homosexuals could better express their love for each other. And made another statement of this nature. His interview can be heard on rte radio 1 ‘this week’ 1pm 10th May.
        There are also organisations seeking to promote heterosexual marriage such as ‘Mothers and fathers matter’ which are campaigning for a No vote. They are stating that children would be affected by this homosexual arrangement if this referendum were to be successful. It would enable these homosexual partners to adopt children to the detriment of the children. Their slogan on their posters is ; Children need a mother and a father. (There have been reports of No posters being ripped down by the Yes campaign, another instance of this side doing its best to stifle debate). This is what they are stressing that children need a mother and a father for: proper development - a homosexual arrangement would deprive the child of this necessary aspect of their childhood development. Needless to say they have been given little airtime, though they did appear on rte tv ‘the late late show’ (I don’t know how that went). But by and large when those in support of a No vote have been given air time they have been given harsh treatment, letting them know that they really weren’t welcome. In one ‘interview’ with the Editor in Chief of Irish independent newspapers Cormac Burke states that the No campaigners are hate filled, that they are driven by hate, that they have no compassion; and he was not challenged by the interviewer, but rather egged on by him. Imagine what would have been the outcry if it had been a No campaigner. Well in one respect he is right; we are hate filled. We are filled with hate against evil. We hate the sin and not the sinner. We hate the destructive nature of granting full legitimacy to sodomy and the destructive effect this will have on the nature of society. We do not have a false compassion that would seek to encourage this lifestyle.
          Some Bishops as I have mentioned have spoken out. The Bishops of Ireland collectively have issued a letter asking people to reflect before they vote. I haven’t actually read it myself as I know which way I’m voting. There has been a lot of prayer going up (which is the most powerful force). There have been a lot of prayer initiatives. One group has started and been nationally advertising a Rosary Novena for the defeat of the referendum, - that the sacredness of marriage, that time honoured institution, would remain so and be given its protection in law. The Rosary Novena is a powerful prayer. This is just one of many that have been going on.
          At one stage the media were stating that the Yes side (Pro homosexual ‘marriage’) was in the lead, 80% to 20%.  Later polls polls showed that this poll had narrowed slightly, 76% to 24%. On a still later opinion poll the media stated that the Yes side were in the majority. They didn’t give figures. Wonder why? That’s the state of play at the moment in the referendum campaign. Your prayers are needed and please ask others to pray also.

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  1. With prayers to St Rita

    The bakery in Ireland - the one that refused to provide a cake with a pro-gay-mariage slogan iced onto the top - lost their case. Seems to me extraordinary that the homosexual couple who ordered the cake weren't simply judged as being provocative and vexatious. Would anyone expect a Muslim baker to provide a cake with a slogan on it saying alcohol is just great? Or a Jewish baker to provide a cake saying how wonderful roast pork is?

    Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Theresa of Avila