Friday 20 March 2015

Irish prayer vigil to highlight media bias

Media bias gets ever worse in Ireland
Well what can I say of the media it’s all the usual bias and it gets ever worse. On  Wednesday 11th of March  outside Dail Eireann  the pro-life campaign  (PLC) held a vigil, which  I attended, to highlight media bias. On a cold Wednesday evening thousands turned out to express their opposition to farcical pretend debate that is going on within the media. The title of the campaign was called ‘33 to 1’ to  highlight the level of bias in the media. In the space of a fortnight  from 18th to 30th of  Dec 33 articles were written pushing hard for abortion  while only one article was written that was pro life. The same level of bias was evident in the electronic media showing the media’s inexplicable love of death. There is a strong push by the media and many politicians to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution to remove the last vestige of protection of life that is given to the unborn child. Many political parties are saying it will be their policy to do this in their next term of government if they get elected.
             This is a crucial time in Ireland. In May, the 28th I think, the people of Ireland will be asked to go to the polls in a referendum to vote on so called same sex marriage. Here too the media is leading the charge and with every political party calling for a yes vote with the polls claiming it’s 80% in favour of it it would be a miracle if it is rejected. I believe in miracles and believe it will be rejected. Here the media is portraying it as a nice thing. It does no one any harm. What right has the state to interfere in private affairs. Try driving down the road without your seatbelt or withholding your taxes and see how the state will interfere in your life. Yet its ok to violate God’s laws and all the ensuing consequences e.g. from the fall out of promiscuous behaviour, the break up of family life, the psychological consequences of children growing up in such an environment, not to mention the Spiritual effects this has on the children adopted, the adults in such a relationship, those who may be considering such a relationship (think how it would make it seem right and attractive to them if the law actually supported such a proposition), the wider society. And the ripple effects go on. It’s just something nice and a human right we should support, the media tells us. Will they be there to pick up the pieces? no not they. They will be calling for imprisionment without mercy for  the crimes of a juvenile delinquent that grew up out of  the misery that they, the media, fashioned and advocated for.   On this issue there was a Bishop, Bishop Doran who was being intervewed on newstalk fm. Whatever of the interview after the interview there was nothing but mudslinging at him from those who interviewed him. The Bishop, who is against same sex marriage, stated that in the case of two homosexual men who get ‘married’ that they aren’t parents. He was attacked from all quarters of the media and I didn’t hear anyone come out in defence. Even the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin came out attacking him saying that Bishop Doran was being judgemental. One wonders `while the pro homosexual side is asked an easy question, not challenged but allowed to make a free party political broadcast on the issue.            
          Alongside this issue, on the same day, the Irish people will be asked to vote on  a Surrogacy law that would amend the constitution to allow in cases of surrogacy that the woman who donated the egg can be the legal mother and not the mother who gives birth to the child (to the best of my knowledge). How about this for confusing the people. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the people of Ireland as they go to vote on these issues.
        Germany and France, as liberal as they are, have banned all forms of surrogacy, most likely arising from all the confusion that would ensue as regards legal issues, citizenship, the welfare of the child etc. What a quagmire it would be and rightly so they have banned it. England has gone in the opposite direction after legalising homosexual marriage it has now decided that a child can have three parents. What a grotesque distortion of nature and what will be the long term consequences of it? We live in an instant gratification world. Is ‘progress’ the new god and can no bounds of reason or morality be put on it. It seems not. It will bring a new meaning of a child running up to its parents and crying mammy mammy.
        In England I hear that they will be introducing the household broadcasting charge. Just as they have been seeking to do  in Ireland. It is designated to be introduced in 2020. With the falling licence revenues  being returned to the BBC they had to do something desperate. Will the English people be willing to pay up? It’s all to play for. Even at this stage people should be making their opposition known. To me it’s symptomatic of a wider malaise in society. Of  a society that is losing God. People losing their social bonds. A totalitarian big brother element steps in, seeking to control every aspect of our lives, enslaving the people. The frog analogy is at play here. If you put a frog into a boiling tray of water he will immediately jump out. If you put him in to a cold tray of water and boil the water slowly he will happily boil to death. In England the frog is, well, his goose is nearly cooked at this stage and as we imitate you over here we’re not too far behind. Karl Marx once said a nation that has lost its morals has lost all resistance, hence why he wanted so badly to stamp out religion. To make a totatitarian take over a sop. Make use of this ability, this freedom before it’s too late. It may soon be compulsory but even then still don’t pay it. Those who don’t watch tv may soon be criminals. Use your citizen’s power, don’t pay the tv licence.             
             The best advice for a while has come from the city of London university where it has studied the television habits of adults with children who have watched at least three hours tv a day for thirty years. They have found that the children are more likely to follow the adults in developing obesity and higher rates of sickness. There were a few other negative consequences which escape me at the moment. Their suggestion was to turn the tv off and do exercise. If  I may add my own emphasis: leave it off and don t pay the tv licence.
By the Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Rita, Dublin

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  1. Ireland has been a beacon of light for Catholicism in the English speaking world. However, perhaps because the BBC is beamed into Ireland it has seriously undermined her with its indoctrination of secular values that many Irish can no longer see the truth. But we must prayer that the majority keep their faith in the one true Church and retain their pro-life and pro-natural family values.

    Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Philomena