Saturday 12 April 2014

Rainbow flag flies over Whitehall

Same Sex Marriage Media Brainwashing (28/03/2014)

With Same-Sex marriage to be legal in England and Wales after midnight tonight 29-03-2014 a new study has reported that only 1 in 5 people would not attend a same sex marriage. Perhaps this is not surprising given the proven hypnotic qualities of the TV. In Britain we believe the BBC has been at the forefront of this pro-homosexual brainwashing and has the added back-up of national and local radio stations all with pro-homosexual core values.

At CUT we are faithful to the Catholic Church which, basing her teachings on Sacred Scripture and Tradition, states that homosexual acts are sinful. In fact the Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, ‘Tradition has always declared that ‘Homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered’” CCC2357. Homosexual acts are forbidden in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Today 28-03-2014 BBC Radio 5 live is giving same-sex marriage massive coverage, with one lady journalist saying she is off to the florist etc. Radio 5 Live is 20 years old today by a strange coincidence. Satan knows his own and how to celebrate. The vast majority of young people are in favour of same-sex marriage. They have grown up with media that has been overwhelmingly pro-homosexual. Some older people who grew up before the media was so biased still manage to hold onto traditional family values, particularly those who take the teachings of the Church seriously. However, as I write a spokeswoman for Stonewall stated on BBC Radio 5 that during the next 5 years they will concentrate their efforts on the churches! They will of course be supported by the media and homosexual elements within the Church. It’s going to be a difficult time and many Christians’ faith and spirituality will be stifled by the weeds and thorns of the secular Zeitgeist. Of course, the BBC picked clergy to come on air who would not support the teachings of Christianity and would be vague and woolly about it all - yawn.

From Wikipeadia
Homophobia is a nonsense word
Do not let them browbeat you if you stand up for family values particular against the homosexual lobby. Everywhere in the media, particularly at the BBC, the word homophobia is bandied about and levelled at anyone who stands up for ordinary decency. No, you are not homophobic - they are, for many of them are so scared of the ‘Gay’ lobby they will say anything to avoid being labelled a homophobe.

The Rainbow Flag flies over Whitehall (29/03/2014)

I write this with a heavy heart, for on Saturday 29th of March, the first same-sex marriages took place in England and Wales. At this moment in time the powers that be have raised the Rainbow flag over Whitehall in London and it seems like a total victory for the forces of evil, but we as Christians should never lose heart. Jesus Christ won for us a total victory when he died and rose from the dead. We are assured that we will win the war and the forces of darkness will not triumph over the forces of goodness. We may lose battle after battle in this secular world and we must keep up the fight. It is difficult, especially as the enemy forces use underhand tactics and we are labelled as bigots, homophobes etc etc. It is however an act of charity to point out their errors to those who support homosexual lobbying in all its forms. We point to the teachings of the Church as a sure way to salvation; we must therefore keep up the struggle and give strength to those who may waver in this immense battle. This of course is media generated. We did not write the Bible or form the Traditions of the Church; they came from God, therefore it is our duty to follow them.

Archbishop of Canterbury raises the white flag over same-sex marriage - now immense media pressure to be exerted on the Catholic Church

Now that the Archbishop of Canterbury has raised the white flag over same-sex marriage the homosexual lobby will concentrate their attacks against the Catholic Church. They will be backed up by the media and in particular the BBC. We will as ever support the teaching of the Church against this and as a lay led group will do all we can to show we support Catholic teachings. There will be those in the Church who will weaken and give in, but they can’t re-write the Bible or the Traditions of the Church. Our next newsletter will be to try and expose the true nature of homosexuality and how and why the media has failed to give this information. Perhaps it will have a rainbow cover...

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