Thursday 10 November 2022

Woke at Brighton University


How do we respond to Woke activists?

It is always difficult to respond to the Woke activists, they seem to have all the armour all the words to respond to you, and if you are a Christian who holds that the word of God is as it has been written in Sacred Scripture it makes no difference to them. You can of course always point out the parts of the Bible that condemns these sexual practices or can talk about the teachings of the Church. But to no avail they will just say that's all outdated, that you're hateful, that we need to get into the twenty-first century and that love is love etc. All backed up by the secular media of course so they can't be wrong?

                However, it is always from the world of the LGBT activist that the most compelling arguments against the homosexual lifestyles come, and sometimes one can only feel real sorry for those stuck in this lifestyle, of which only sex seems to matter, where the orgasm has replaced everything and this is all that matters. In this article published, the Catholic Herald "Confessions of an ex-LGBT activist" one gets a sense of the desperation of young people who are caught here. The poor Students of Britain's most Gay University, Brighton for example seem so desperate that they need our prayers. Please click here to read the Catholic Herald's report.

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