Friday 25 November 2022

Attempts to Woke the World

The recent failed attempts to Woke the World

Failed Woke Imperialism

The Football World Cup is now underway, amid outcry and controversy. Why you may ask? Is it because FIFA are staging this massive tournament in a country with virtually no history of Football? Perhaps it was the awarding of this tournament there in the first place amid the bribes controversy. No! None of that now matters. What's got the Western press and Western football supporters in a tizzy is the refusal of Qataris to allow Rainbow T shirts and other symbols of the Alphabet people in the their stadiums. Below is the text from a tweet by a Qatari spokesperson.

"As a Qatari I'm proud of what happened. I don't know when will the westerners realize that their values aren't universal. There are other cultures with different values that should be equally respected.

Let's not forget that the West is not the spokesperson for humanity."

Woke conclusions about Colorado Gay nightclub shootings

The Media, especially the liberal world broadcast stations like CNN, were quick to jump to conclusions about who was responsible for the Colorado Gay nightclub shootings: the right wing anti LGBT bigots of course, fuelled by the right wing media, singling out Fox News and its presenter Tucker Carlson. Pundits on MSNBC even went so far as to suggest that Fox News must be stopped and taken down for their criticism of the US military for being too Woke. Just waiting to find out what the actual reason for the attack, was not on the liberal media's agenda, it was just too juicy a story, one they could use to but the verbal boot into moral conservatives.

            However, the evil gunman who went on the rampage was not some right wing red neck anti-Trans extremist but someone who has requested that during his court appearances he must be referred to as non-binary, therefore it seems the gunman is Trans!

            How dare the liberal media cast such aspersions after the tragedy of the shooting at this club, using it to try and shut the morally conservative media up. Just because they support the mutilation of children, and Gay sex-ed to nine year olds, does this mean they can say what they want and silence everyone else?

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