Saturday, 28 March 2020

BBC bias

Upheld complaint of BBC bias

  •  Please see below a report from the Right to Life organisation of BBC bias against the unborn of Northern Ireland and their broadcasting of only pro-abortion advocates.
  •  CUT Comment - The BBC will only do Satan's work, the sacrifice of the unborn children and the corporation's support will give them a certain demonic power. 
  •  However, by prayerfully dedicating our intercessions to convert those possessed at the Corporation we can still win souls and save babies.
  •  Remember to pray for you celebrity at this time of chastisment.
Right to Life Report below:

‘Impartial’ BBC upholds complaint of bias over NI abortion legislation coverage

The BBC has upheld a complaint of bias over its coverage of the UK Government voting to impose abortion on Northern Ireland.
Andrew Todd complained to the BBC after news coverage of the parliamentary vote last year only showed interviews with people who were pro-abortion and in favour of the extreme change in law.
The BBC initially responded by claiming it had approached a number of potential pro-life contributors but was unable to source an interview with anyone who opposed with the vote.
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