Sunday, 14 July 2019

Liberal media in decline?

Christians are waking up to the evil in Media.

At long last it appears that Catholics and other Christians are waking up the the evil in the media. They are beginning to understand that what you see and hear effects peoples outlook on life and their moral values. You can become desensitised and brainwashed into accepting all sorts of "lifestyles" such as the LGBT when in fact this life style is very dangerous to heath and will lead people into damnation, therefore it is a true act of charity to point this out, if we do not we are complicit and sin ourselves. Here is an article and a video:

Here is a report from Life Site News 

Christians must be careful to avoid evil in movies and TV

July 9, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — In his 1994 Letter to Families Gratissimam Sane, Pope John Paul II wrote:
Knowing the vast and powerful impact of the media, [the Church] never tires of reminding communications workers of the dangers arising from the manipulation of truth. Indeed, what truth can there be in films, shows, and radio and television programs dominated by pornography and violence? Do these really serve the truth about man?
This is a very important question. Should not our recreational activities restore us, our leisure pursuits lead us more deeply into the truth of things? It would be an evil if the media to which we gave our attention were, in obvious or subtle ways, to take us away from moral and intellectual virtue, the love of beauty, and the ultimate truth for which we are made.
Fr. Dominic Legge, O.P., explains why:
When we watch acts of lust or cruelty, we tend to become more lustful and cruel. What you look on with your eyes, you invite into your soul. How much of the so-called “entertainment” fare of our age falls into this category?
Fr. Legge is following the Angelic Doctor, who writes in the Summa:
The seeing of sights becomes sinful when it renders a man prone to the vices of lust and cruelty on account of things he sees represented. Hence Chrysostom says that such sights make men adulterers and shameless. (ST II-II 167.2 ad 2)
Another result of watching lust and cruelty portrayed graphically is that one can become indifferent to it and even callous about it, becoming numbed to the objective moral evil and sluggish in reacting with appropriate disgust and repentance. If I watch movie stars fornicating or murdering, I will have one of three responses: I will be moved in sympathy with what they are doing, which is sinful for me, or I will be indifferent to it, which is also sinful, or I will feel disgust. Feeling disgust for evil is right, but we are not supposed to go out of our way voluntarily to seek disgusting things. Read more.

Also may be worth watching this video - 

A Glitch in the Matrix

Is the mainstream liberal secular media in decline? Is the social media dominated by conservatives? However, can You Tube be trusted? Will the owners of the social media facebook, google etc shut down or limit the viewing potential of Conservatives?

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