Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Part Three - Pope St Uriah Heep

Are many in the Hierarchy using the secular media to further Modernist goals in the Church?

Part Three of the Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy

During the height of the child abuse crisis in this country and abroad, the secular media concentrated all their child abuse coverage on the Catholic Church. As we at CUT pointed out, it's not only us; it's a widespread phenomenon that's been accentuated by the over sexualised secular media. Some members pointed out to us that Catholic priests should be above this type of impurity and therefore the media are perfectly in their rights to pick on Catholic priests. Of course in recent years it has become clear that the secular media itself is riddled with paedophiles, as indeed are other religions; the C of E has recently seen Prince Charles apologise for supporting the paederast Anglican Bishop Ball. The Church of England is in fact just as problematic as the rest of the establishment and society itself.

There is one thing that the secular media and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church will not admit and that is that the highest level of child abuse occurs in the LGBT community.  Up to 30% of all those who categorise themselves as "Gay" have in fact have committed sexual child abuse. This compares with 1% of the population in general.

The numbers of bishops and even cardinals, that have been found, in recent months, to be predatory homosexuals is quite frightening. For example, Cardinal McCarrick's antics are a case in point. So bad is the corruption in some places Life Site News likened this age of the Catholic hierarchy to the Borgias (although perhaps the Borgia era was mild in comparison). However, now that there is so much homoheresy and homosexual child abuse in the Church - where's the media? I will tell you - they're so riddled with homosexuals themselves, they're not really interested. And as Pope Francis is perceived to be a liberal (and actually is a liberal, as are most of the child abusing bishops) they don't really want to rock the boat; let the Catholic Church be while they are liberalising their attitudes to homosexual acts. However, if Pope Benedict were still pope there would be a relentless media pursuit of the Church. The liberal cardinals, bishops and priests know this and play the media's hypocritical game; Cardinal Marx wants LGBT couples to be blessed, as do many other Cardinals; bishops like heinous heretic Cardinal Cupich diverges from Catholic orthodoxy on so many issues one wonders if he is actually a Catholic?

A Great Programme from EWTN and Raymond Arroyo 

Pope Francis has made another huge mistake by "changing" the Catechism on the death penalty by declaring it to be "inadmissible". This goes against sacred scripture and natural law (as do many of his pronouncements). Let me first say that I am personally against the death penalty in my country in this day and age, for we have secure places to lock up such criminals; but this was not always the case. Therefore, no true Christian can be against the death penalty per se, firstly because Jesus appears to support it and secondly because it impinges on the right to the just war. Poorly formed Catholics like Cardinal Cupich and even the Pope do not seem to understand the implication of complying with modern secular mediated thought for because it goes against Sacred Scripture, so what is next in the Catechism that this hierarchy will want to change? The major part of their formation that these poorly formed prelates really need to brush up on is that they cannot change on earth something that has been bound in heaven. It's simply impossible, which is why the controversial part of Amoris Laetitia is null and void.


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  2. This Pope cannot be trusted with the faith. What will happen at the Dublin World Meeting of Families? Will this evil pope reverse the teaching on homosexuality?

  3. Only the LGBT "community" can threaten GBH to another reporter and get away with it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgQy70_LPS4