Tuesday, 10 July 2018

London shame

  • Is Britain becoming a LGBT Nazi state?

  • We believe that the real homophobics are people who are so scared of LGBT bullying of anyone who speaks out against this sad and shameful bunch that they will do and say anything this lobby for perversion will dictate.

    • Remember that it is from the LGBT crowd that most child abuse occurs and yet the powers that be will now give these LGBT activists access to our children in schools.
    • Anyone who tries to stand up to this new form of totalitarianism is labelled haters often lose their jobs and may soon suffer imprisonment.
    • Once again over a million took part in so called London Pride (we call this London Shame), to watch 30,000 LGBT dressed (or undressed) in the most disgusting attire, this is not about love, its all about sex, its all about lust and homosexual lust at that!
    • How can parents take there children to such a horrible display of depravity?
    • A new form of Fascism and Nazism has arisen all they need is a leader, a Hitler type to rally their cause against Christian and the pogroms will begin.

    Is Theresa May the real "Homophobic" here?

    • The below articles are by CitizenGo

    This is not about love but unnatural sex

    "...working that which is filthy and receiving in themselves that
    recompense which is was due to their error"
    Romans 1 - 27

    Below is an article and petition from CitizanGo:

    State sponsored Social terrorism

    In a speech at the Pride reception at Downing Street on July 3^rd, Prime Minister Theresa May proudly announced, ‘We will continue our investment in programmes to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools, protecting LGBT students and making acceptance and understanding the default.’  She went on to say, ‘A country that works for everyone is a country where nobody faces bigotry or violence because of who they are.’

    Well, we have news for Mrs May: this is not a country that works for everyone.  At least, not if you’re Christian, because in the UK today Christians are facing unacceptable levels of bigotry and violence from LGBTQ and transgender activists, who appear to think that by labelling ‘Hatred!’ any views that call into question their rebranded, 21st century view of morality, they can say and do whatever they want.  Even to the extent of rewriting the fundamental tenets of Christian faith, as set down in the Bible.

    The Government, however, clearly wants to go a lot further.  On the same day as the Pride reception in Downing Street, they launched a consultation into reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 – with the stated aim of helping transgender people who want legal recognition, but have so far not applied because they find the current process too bureaucratic, expensive and intrusive (https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/reform-of-the-gender-recognition-act-2004).
    To spell it out, they are consulting over implementation of gender self-identification, with the goal of eliminating any and all need for medical oversight.

    Is this going to affect freedom of belief and of speech?  Too right it is!

    Allowing transgender people to self-identify without any kind of supporting medical evidence can only progress the relentless drive to normalise what up to now, with good reason, has been labelled aberrant behaviour. And we should be concerned, because it will further undermine and potentially criminalise Christian belief, which says unequivocally that God created us male and female.  Because of which, to someone of faith, biology can’t only not be overturned, but matters.  Hugely. Under Theresa May’s self-avowed drive to celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, while silencing the bigots, therefore, Christian faith will be categorised as discrimination.

    What next in this brave new world?  Will the Government exclude all Christians from public office by law? Will it reintroduce flogging for quoting Levicitus or Romans?

    We would remind Theresa May that the UK is still a Christian country. 
    Our laws, culture, and democracy are founded on Christian belief.  Yet now, all that once made Britain great is threatened by ideological totalitarianism that will not allow expression of any dissent –even when founded on belief, science, or clear medical risk.  This flies in the face of democracy.

    People have an absolute right to choose their preferred mode of life, in so far as it does not incite violence or cause harm to others.  Christians have an absolute right to practise and express their faith.

    Please sign and share as widely as possible our petition to the Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Theresa May MP, calling for an end to the prioritisation of LGBT rights over Christian rights to belief and free speech.


    Not content with forcing his resignation as mayor of Ferryhill, latest victim of LGBTQ activists, Richard Smith, is now facing pressure to stand down as a Councillor. This must not happen.

    Richard is now taking legal action against those responsible for the recent campaign of slander, abuse, intimidation and harassment to which he and his family have been subjected.

    A protest has also been arranged for Wednesday 11th July at 6 pm, outside Ferryhill Townhall.

    Please do go along, if you can, and give Richard your support.  Tell your friends and church, and organise a bus!  And if you can’t get there, then please pray.

    Don’t let the LGBTQ bullies win!

    Stop prioritising LGBT rights over Christian rights to belief and free speech.

    Sign petition here:

    "God delivered them up.to shameful affection
    for women have changed the natural use into
    that use which is against nature... "
    Romans Chapter 1 - 26

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