Thursday, 15 September 2016

Gnostics and "Gays" now rule the UK

Britain the New "Gay" Gulag

and there is no way out.

Gnostics now rule
with their pro-Gay
culture of death
Once, there was only homosexual men. Now there are four more categories, and each had to fight their way out, the stage was set via the media. And yet everything we think we know about gender politics in the theatre is a lie. My daughter tunnelled her way out of the concentration camp which is philosophy at Sussex to become stage manager at a nationally known theatre. Most people are straight (couldn't find that word in the dictionary I just got from smith's) full of new "family values". But they all fight, for their modern gender ideologies.

I should not mention family love songs on Radio Two on a Sunday morning and that anyone who thinks the revolting revolution is not here, needs a reality check. Don't listen too early, you might land in the middle of Balding. Clare Balding's show is radio's 2 attempt at religion. Lesbian Clare Belding's "Good Morning Sunday" is the BBC's version of a "spiritually and religiously inclined" programme.

A message this morning said Boris the Great wants the rainbow flag flying from every British embassy. it flies over Blackpool town hall, and over the whole of Backpool, but there is as not yet a triumphal arch (yoke), but the new Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes a little time to build a totalitarian state.

By Prayer Crusader - St Jane Frances De Chantal

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  1. Prayer Crusader St Cecilia says: this post is a cry from the heart, but how can we not agonize at what has happened to our civilization? It will be interesting to see if the British Embassy in Saudi Arabia dares to fly the 'rainbow flag' in celebration of sodomy, oops, sorry, 'lifelong covenanted union' between two people of the same sex, oops, sorry, same 'gender.' And also to see what the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia would say about the flag since we now know he converted to Mohammedanism five years ago. It beggars belief that a so-called educated man living in Saudi Arabia where Wahhabi Islam is imposed in all its beheading and lashing splendour (try converting to Christianity in Saudi Arabia and see what happens) would be so besotted as to convert to the desert religion. Let's hope he has a change of heart and tries to leave Islam - then he'll find out what Muslims do to those who 'apostatize.'