Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour review

"Where are the Protests?"

Exploitive scene from the play
Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

That was the question asked by one of our members and Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St Anthony of Padua when he saw posters advertising a nasty little play called "Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour" in Liverpool. I did some research and it looks as appalling as the title suggest. It is a play about Scottish Catholic schools girls and their exploits in areas of drink sex and death.
Here are some quotes from a review in the Chronicle Live, North East based on line news app.

The Billy Elliot author has called it “Trainspotting for girls” and likened it to his own Cooking for Elvis.
Anyone familiar with that early play will recall its stand-out sex act as a crude but funny surprise.
Here the crudity is more of an onslaught and may offend some, not only Catholics. A description of a sexual encounter in a hospital was too much for me.
I’m pretty sure the girls weren’t quite as bad as this when I was at school. And it was a rough school.

The play is obviously pandering to the perverse, has nothing to do with Catholicism and has probably more to do with the authors own fantasies than real life. It is exploitive in its very nature and to portray young girls this way when there has been so much child abuse and exploitation by so many in media is discussing in its own right. It should go far in the secular media's sex filled world. As the reviewer put it "Sex is the rocket fuel that powers this latest play by Lee Hall."

The question asked was where are the protest, yes indeed where are they have we been so badly brow-beaten by the media that we Catholics who should so something now feel so helpless?
This is one of the blasphemies against the Immaculate of Mary and for which we are called to make reparation.

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  1. where are the protests against the very nasty pro-euthanasia film, "me for you". the authoress of the book, who has already made more than millions, was given star treatment on the christian broadcast on bbc radio2. the presenter of the programme is clare balding, highly thought of, I can never trust her her judgement about practical affairs again. Prayer Crusader Jane Frances de Chantal

    1. Is there any really Christian broadcasting on the BBC? When I listen to "Sunday" on BBC Radio 2 it seems to have more features on Islam than Christianity! As for Clare Balding, she is a Lesbian and has "married" her female partner all this amounts to a dodgy psyche and cannot be trusted in anything.

  2. when henry dissolved the monasteries he struck a mortal blow at the very structure of english society from which it will possibly never recover, and because of english influence the damage is with us throughout the world. beyond being the age of faith, it was the middle ages that were uniquely the time of reason, beauty, truth, real practical charity, and a valid economic system. for all the rhetoric and propoganda, we're never got back on the case, certainly not in that fulness. as always, i try to stick to fact and reason. if anyone feels a film coming on, fine, but that would be the tiniest beginning. Prayer Crusader Jane Frances de Chanta