Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Active homosexuals to become Ministers in the Church of Scotland

The Homosexual takeover of the Establishment

John Knox – photo from Wikipedia
On Whit Monday, 20 May, the Church of Scotland agreed to allow sexually active homosexuals to become Ministers. The Church of Scotland! Whatever one thinks of its stance towards the One True Church, the Church of Scotland had a long history of almost ferocious commitment to the moral teaching of the Bible. John Knox must be turning in whatever place he now finds himself.
   Given the recent revelations about Cardinal Keith O’Brien who admitted to improper sexual behaviour even as a Cardinal, the melt-down and disgrace of Christianity in Scotland is pretty complete. Indeed, the true weakness of Christianity in the UK was revealed by the relative lack of attention paid by the media to the shocking news about the Church of Scotland - although it was the same day that the House of Commons passed the second reading of the infamous homosexual ‘marriage’ bill.

Ladies look away now
   Let us be clear (ladies look away now): the three main sexual activities available to homosexual men are sodomy, fellatio and mutual masturbation – there are other more arcane practices over which we shall draw a veil. Sodomy, of course, is the single most dangerous sexual activity known to man, and was so before the advent of AIDS – it being a prime source of hepatitis and various viral and bacterial infections, not to mention good old-fashioned VD.
   And now this behaviour is to be welcomed into the ministry of the Church of Scotland and, in effect, blessed as a God-given and God-affirming activity.
   Other things being equal, the consequence of sexual intercourse between man and wife is the disease-free conception of new life. The consequence of unprotected anal intercourse is utterly sterile and a high risk of deadly disease. That is why immoral (and publicly-funded) ‘charities’ like the Terence Higgins Trust publish eye-wateringly explicit guides to anal intercourse which read like the preparations for an assault course given the number of precautions to be taken before intercourse is attempted.
   And what if any of these precautions should fail? What if a condom (extra-strength only with plenty of ‘lube’) should split or the rectal lining should be torn (it being very delicate and not designed for this sort of activity) – why the advice of the Terence Higgins Trust is to get yourself to Accident and Emergency immediately because the consequence of the introduction of another man’s ‘body fluids’ into the rectum may well be life-threatening. So much for an activity smiled on by God.
   To add insult to injury, the Terence Higgins Trust informs us that no one should feel shy of rushing for treatment because it’s all completely free, for life if necessary. Phew, thank the Lord for the NHS where other people pay the cost of your immoral and dangerous activity.

Church of Scotland allows homosexually active ministers - and no denomination is safe
   The Church of Scotland has stipulated that its homosexually active ministers should be in a civil partnership, presumably hoping that this will mitigate against promiscuity and disease;  however, a study by Bell and Weinberg showed that 66 per cent of homosexual ‘couples’ had sex outside their relationship within a year and 90 per cent did so within five years.
   So there we are: a ‘mainstream’ Christian organisation has decreed that sodomy is now a heart-warming and God-approved activity between two individuals of the same sex.
   Can we leave the Church of Scotland to stew in its own juice? Unfortunately not. Significant parts of other Christian denominations are pawing at the ground to go down the same route, not least the Erastian and theologically-deranged Church of England. And sadly there is a vocal minority within the Catholic Church which also wants to promote homosexual activity as merely an aesthetic choice.
   This is part of the wider push in the secular world to enshrine the transformation of sexuality, begun in the 1960s, in law. A prime consequence is bound to be the explicit teaching of this new sexuality in schools and a determined effort to ensure that Church schools of all denominations also teach the new sexuality. I regard all assurances that Church schools will not be required to teach what they do not believe as worthless. Our increasingly intolerant ‘tolerant’ state will not allow institutions to opt out of the new ‘morality’.
   Given the finding of the recent National Census that Christianity in the UK is in freefall (only partly masked by the arrival of large numbers of Christian immigrants over the past 20 years) we have to admit that to all intents and purposes the Christian nation of Great Britain is dead. And given the horribly low quality of some of our bishops and functionaries the only hope is a miracle and/or the intervention of Our Lady.
   However, with the exponential rise in the Muslim population – young, with many children and aggressive – it is likely that they will be the dominant religion within a couple of generations, and that Islam will be the only religion with which the secular state feels it has to deal.
   Given Islam’s well known intolerance of homosexuality and dislike for the ‘core values’ promoted by liberal secularists the stage is set for a mighty and potentially violent confrontation in which Christianity will be a sideshow, obsessed with the rights of sodomising ministers, ‘inclusion’ and Fairtrade coffee.
   And when Muslim discrimination against Christians really gets going in 20 to 30 years time I suspect we shall see our ‘gay’ ministers and brethren melt away like dew in the blazing sun.
   Our Lady of Walsingham come to our aid!

By Prayer Crusader, St Cecilia


  1. Some of the text here is very explicit, but it brings home the reality of what politicians and church leaders are actually endorsing. How ironic it is that one can be prosecuted for displaying descriptive texts and photographs of homosexual acts, yet these very same acts are being promoted to schoolchildren! These left wing liberals should be required to actually watch such things taking place, and speak to some of the men who have come out the other side of the 'gay' lifestyle before they pass a positive judgment in favour of 'gay marriage' or a negative judgment against those who oppose it. They are living in cloud cuckoo land- which is very easy when other people are footing the bill (ie the taxpayer and BBC license payer).

  2. One of the important affects of homosexual sexual acts is to induce self hatred from performing such acts. This is often translated in a hatred for others and society. It also manifests itself in an attachment to death and killing. Much of this is revealed by Erich Fromm a Jewish psychologist
    t in his study of the NAZIs Although the NAZIs persecuted homosexual many in their ranks were homo-erotic. This explains much of the support for abortion among Britain's homosexual community .The attachment of homosexuals to faecal material is also associated with their strong morbidity to death and destruction. It is all textbook stuff for those who want to research it.
    Homosexuality is manifesting in all aspects of the destruction of British society and one can understand it with people who have so much self loathing


  3. We must pray for these afflicted people to give up their dreadful sexual habits. Once they do that they can contribute a great deal to society. Homosexuals often have a more caring and compassionate nature than their heterosexual counterparts. That is why you get so many in the caring professions .

    1. Pray for them yes, but trust them no! Homosexuals are often not very caring at all. They are gregarious but there may be a motive for this.

  4. We all know kind gentle talented homosexuals and they have always been with us and they are not going away. During the gay marriage debate, there have been many good speakers on the anti-side, but their wisdom does not seem to have any effect on those who want to force gay marriage and the teaching of gay marriage to children on those who value marriage as it is and must remain. I am hugely grateful to those who speak the truth.

  5. In today ultra-sexualised world it’s difficult to speak out for common decency without being labelled a bigot, or a homophobe. But who are the real bigots - perhaps Stonewall? Who are the real homophobes? Perhaps those who are afraid to speak out against homosexual acts that shorten the lives of those who practice them? On average a homosexual lives 25 years less than a heterosexual.

  6. Absolutely right Stefano. As the Bishop of Paris once said if people are going up the motorway the wrong way you stop them. These homosexual organisations are not doing this. They are promoting a very dangerous lifestyle and are irresponsible at best evil at worst.
    But it is all part of the culture of death, that is why they act like this .