Thursday, 1 September 2016

BBC iPlayer and the new British flag

BBC iPlayer loophole Closed

All BBC iPlayer users are now required by law to have a TV licence, even if they don’t watch any live broadcasts. See

But remember: you do not need a TV licence to watch other TV channels as long as they're not live and just "On Demand" . In some ways this is good news for it protects the homes of many families from the BBC's culture of death, and pro-everything-homosexual ambience. There are many forms of child abuse at the BBC, not just homosexual DJs as we have recently found out; many forms child abuse are quite subtle and are broadcast daily. However, it will stop CUT from monitoring the BBC to a certain extent.

One of the BBC's great "success" stories is its pro-"Gay" policy, for it's resulted in the almost total acceptance of the homosexual perversion. We can see how far it's gone with British Embassies now able to fly the LGBT's flag around the world. This is the first foreign policy order of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, one of the leading "Brexiteers" and fanatical London Gay Pride supporter. Exporting to everyone? Perhaps we can now see what the new "free" Britain is all about! 

Is this our new flag?
Well it is to be flown at all British Embassies 
Here is a petition against this from Citizen Go

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