Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Coronation Street and euthanasia

Coronation Street plug LGBT storylines alongside euthanasia
Tried to watch Coronation Street this week to do a report but after 3 minutes I felt that I was dying so I started to flick along the bottom bar and found some animated Meercats advertising something; it was clever and funny. What a contrast to the gloom and forced humour of the street. Coronation Street has lost almost half its viewers in the last 3 years, for ever since it became inanely politically correct with its Homosexual and Transgender storylines its credibility has plummeted.  The original kitchen sink dramas which gave a voice to the working class in the sixties have now given way to Gay indoctrination and pro-culture-of-death brainwashing. Not everyone is taken in, and as the Street has now become a Gay ghetto, its viewers have deserted it in droves. Perhaps there is still some hope for TV viewers yet? No, there is no hope for the millions who are still tuning in.
The reason why I decided to watch it was that the main story line is an emotive promotion of euthanasia where a couple go through the trauma of one of them being diagnosed with cancer. Nothing new in this, you may say, it happens all the time and many lives are blighted by cancer, and they need our prayers and support. The story line here is how a transgender character, Hayley, wants to take ‘her’ life, and her partner tries to save her but support her at the same time. Several major goals were scored for the Culture of death here last night: firstly, the empathy created for a transgender man/woman, so Gays and transgender lobby won; other winners were those who support assisted suicide and euthanasia. You may also be surprised to hear that the Samaritans acted as consultants! A spokesperson for the Samaritans said on the BBC that they wanted to help people find the right solution for them. I feel another you can’t make this stuff up moment coming on.
Here we have a media text.  Media texts should be understood for what they are: the media and those in it driving the moral agenda. We will do a post on media texts and how to spot them soon. Pro-life organisations do great work and we support them unreservedly but they need to understand that whereas they may have thousands of supporters, millions are influenced by the TV and drama especially where this drama is deliberately targeted to change people’s views and beliefs. And because the Culture of Death keeps progressing, they need to adopt CUT’s tactics: deprive the media of funds and influence by getting people to throw the TV out. And to say why they have done so.

I usually listen to the Breakfast show on Radio 5; I listen to this show as it keeps me up to date with the latest attempt to promote the politically correct agenda by fanatically pro-Gay and in my opinion anti-Catholic Nicky Campbell to sport-oriented young people and adults.
On the same show he also interviewed a Nigerian Archbishop, a Catholic I think, on why he is supporting the ban on Gay Marriage in that country. The Archbishop gave logical and thoroughly Christian answers during Nicky Campbell’s harassment and rude exclamations. Campbell then decided to quote scripture to the Archbishop, saying if he believes in the Bible then does he think that a woman taken in adultery should be stoned, as they did in the Old Testament? This is an old trick of Campbell’s; he quotes scripture like an Evangelical, out of context and only the bits that suit him. However, perhaps before Campbell quotes scripture again on air he should try and understand it better for his ignorance shows through his self-righteousness. For Jesus did not turn his back on the Old Testament but came to fulfil it. Let us look at one famous episode - the woman taken in adultery, who falls at Jesus’ feet as a mob is about to stone her in accordance with the law. Does Jesus say no don’t stone her? No; he gives permission for the stoning, but on one condition: that the stoners must not be guilty of sin themselves. No one could meet this requirement, so they dropped their stones and walked away. Jesus said to the woman, ‘Has anyone condemned you?’  ‘No one’ replied the woman. Jesus then said ‘Neither do I condemn you; go, and do not sin again.’
The trick here of course was that the Jewish elders were trying to trap Jesus. There were two laws operating in Israel at the time, the Roman and the Jewish. The elders wanted Jesus to fall foul of one of them. If he said ‘OK, stone her’ he would break Roman law which said that only they, the Romans, could execute anyone; but he would comply with Jewish law. And if he said ‘No you must not stone her’ he would break Jewish law. But Jesus being the second person of the Holy Trinity knew their hearts and their sins and that no one is able to execute her without also condemning themselves. He wrote something in the sand in front of them, - probably naming their sins.
There is of course a further point here: only Jesus was able by the law to execute her, for he is the only one who has never sinned. However, he pardoned her and let her go. But perhaps this is the most telling part of all: he says ‘Sin no more’. Therefore, it is the compassionate and just thing to do to point out when someone is going against the law of God, for one day we will need to answer to them. What will you say when Jesus asks you, did you help people keep my law - for was that not the charitable thing to do?
On Radio 5 Live Coronation street was widely discussed and where a Samaritans spokesperson made her outrageous statement. Suicide has been one of main media text over the last few days especially on the stations and programmes that target young people like BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 5 live. Should the BBC and ITV be held to account especially as youth suicide in the UK is running at an all time high?

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