Friday, 8 February 2019


We should never forget the "P" when we use this acronym.

A young boy drag queen

We should never forget to put the P on the end of LGBT, with the P standing for both paedophile and pederast. It is the ultimate aim of a large proportion of so called Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual and Transgender "community". It's not an act of hate to state this as will probably be said by this crowd, it is an act of honesty and charity and a cry to help children who are caught up in this crowd.

With new shocking photos of boys as young as 10 posing as drag queens and more and more children believing they are a different sex to their biological make up, things have become totally out of hand. And again with the main stream media constantly pushing all this LGBTP it's hardly surprising.

However, it is important for us to state and we will never tire of pointing out that the largest proportion (considering their numbers) of child abusers come from LGBT community. In the Church it is clear that it is homosexual priests that commit 80% of the abuse and yet the John Jay report of 2004 into child abuse in the American Church who reported this, still went on to say that homosexuality is not the problem, even if all the evidence says otherwise.

It would seem that support for homosexual acts in the media and official public bodies must be protected at all cost, even at the cost of risking the most vulnerable, pubescent boys (from about 13 to 16 years of age) even children and minors must be sacrificed to the homosexual god of hedonism and anyone who says this is wrong will be admonished.

Do not expect the Vatican Conference (February 21-24) to do much to protect children, post-pubescent boys or even seminarians from homosexual priests. The Committee has been loaded with pro-homosexual bishops led by that great LGBTP supporter Cardinal Blase Cupich even though there is a massive groundswell and petition to have him resign.

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