Sunday 13 January 2013

Are Children safe at BBC or even watching the BBC?

·         The BBC’s support of the Cult of Celebrity has led to child abuse

·         Is the BBC getting away with it, regarding Jimmy Savile (and others)?

·         The BBC has destroyed childhood innocence with its portrayal of sexual themes

·         Is the BBC safe for young people and teenagers regarding the new suicide comedy?

·         We say protect your family from the BBC

Is it safe for children to visit BBC premises?
Regarding all the revelations of child sex abuse by celebrities and presenters at the BBC: should we not be asking whether children are safe to visit BBC studios and premises?  The scandals at the Corporation regarding Jimmy Savile and pop stars etc etc are very worrying. The ITV documentary has brought to light the fact that many BBC managers and producers knew what was going on but turned a blind eye, or in the words of Esther Rantzen, blocked their ears.
                It is clear that many starry-eyed children are influenced by celebrities and would love the opportunity to meet their favourite pop star or presenter etc. It was obvious from the ITV documentary that Jimmy Savile knew how powerful the cult of celebrity is and used his position to abuse as many young girls (and boys) as he could.  However, it is not just Savile; other celebrities, such as Jonathan King (in his case only boys), used their celebrity status to abuse children.
                The Pop and TV world is particularly replete with child abusers. On one hand they sexualise children by sexuality explicitly programmes and songs with raunchy Pop videos; on the other many actually abuse these sexualised, corrupted, brainwashed children. The secular  TV world is a win win platform for perverts.

A tsunami of filth at the BBC
It was not CUT or Mary Whitehouse that has said this about the BBC but the Chairman of the BBC Trust - Lord Patton! For once we agree with Lord Patton, but this tsunami of filth does not stop with the behind-the-screens sexual gymnastics of BBC employees not only with each other but with children as well, and it continues to spill out into people’s living rooms with sometimes neo-porn content in programmes let alone the verbal content.

Are BBC presenters too powerful and BBC leadership too weak?
The Humphreys - Entwistle interview that finally brought down the BBC director general George Entwistle is symptomatic of the BBC’s degeneration, for it shows us that BBC presenters are too powerful and its leadership is too weak. No one should speak to their boss in such an insubordinate way. The BBC of course claims this is a virtue of the corporation but it is really symptomatic of poor leadership coupled with the power of celebrity presenters, editors and producers who have carved out their own ‘little’ empires. There they are able to inflict a sort of interrogation on anyone who goes on air. Does the type of selective aggression by the media lead to a society that is rude and angry?

Leveson enquiry and Media Standards Trust and Hacked Off
Several organisations are trying to improve the media standards and how they operate, organisations like the Media Standards Trust and Hacked Off. But before you start to cheer: are these organisations really trying to protect celebrities who may have indulged in decadent behaviours? And will they spare us from scandalous and sordid details?

David Cameron ‘this should not be a witch hunt against Gays’
Why did the PM say this when ‘Gays’ were not being mentioned? Does he know something we do not or is he just trying to protect his aim to push through same sex marriage legislation? It is interesting to note that there have been large demonstrations against ‘Gay’ marriage on the continent but this has been largely ignored by the media.
Support for BBC abuse victims (but is the BBC getting away with it?)
How quickly the BBC settled out of court with the wrongly accused Lord McAlpine! Let us hope they will be equally supportive of the many victims of child abuse by BBC employees. Therefore we say all victims of child abuse by BBC employees should be given the same amount of compensation as Lord McAlpine - £180,000 each at least. However, from the latest inquires it looks like the BBC is going to be let off scot free. Is this an example of the power of the BBC to protect itself?

Sick Suicide Comedy on BBC3
With the high levels of suicide among Britain’s young people and teenagers, the BBC’s new “Way to Go” comedy is at the very least irresponsible. There are many teenage and young people suicide hot spots throughout Britain, with Bridgend in South Wales being particularly affected. There appear to be websites that encourage youngsters to take their lives and it often done in a jokey way. It appears that the BBC have now joined in this cult with a sitcom that depicts three young men who build a machine that can kill people and offer its services for money.  The MP Mark Pritchard said in the Sunday Express “It is a sad fact that assisted dying is now regarded a ‘revenue stream’ to some foreign clinics and clearly as a matter of fun by some parts of the BBC.” This is yet another example of the unabashed depravity being paid for by the licence fee and yet another assault on the young people of Britain.

Protect your children from the BBC
Most Catholic parents believe that they are bringing up their children but that might not always be true. For if you have a TV you are allowing all manner of people access to your children. We ask parents should they protect their children from the BBC?


  1. If this government was actually concerned about the welfare of children and young people it would provide funding for a long term in depth investigation of the BBC . Turning every stone over and ensuring that the culprits of all these abuse scandals are not only exposed but also those who failed to act . THe real concern to all os us was the tolerant attitude the BBC had to these abusers.
    Anyone her should write to their MP demanding a proper investigation of the BBC . I hope people will do this for the sake of all those poor abused children

    1. Agreed, there should be a full and proper investigation into child abuse at the BBC I will write to my MP and ask others to do so as well. Their child protection procedures should be looked into. At the Royal Shakespeare Company every child visitor is given a chaperone for the entire time they are on its premises let’s hope that a similar procedure is adopted at the Corporation. However, because of carefully managed reporting in recent weeks of the BBC scandal particularly regards compensating the victims it looks like the BBC are going to get away with it.