Thursday, 16 September 2021

Bungling Biden and Belligerent Bergoglio

World civilisation in trouble?

 At a time when the world needs strong and sensible leadership we have a bungling left-liberal president of the USA, the most powerful democracy in the world, and a belligerent left-liberal pope who seems to do nothing but undermine the teachings of the Church. 

Let us look at the pope first because he is more important than any secular world leader. Just before the Covid pandemic started he enshrined the Pachamama pagan idol in St Peter's basilica after it had been worshipped in the Vatican gardens. He then condoned civil same-sex unions (or rather a video documentary had him doing so even though it was edited, but the Vatican did not contradict it). He continues to support things politically correct, then just recently started to undermine the most important work of his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI to restore the Traditional Latin Mass. Could it be more than a coincidence that the Covid 19 pandemic started soon after the satanic Pachamama incident and in China? He had of course made a secret deal with the Chinese Communist Party to recognise the government controlled Patriotic Catholic Church and undermine the loyal underground Chinese Catholic Church; too much of a coincidence? It’s time Bergoglio led a penitential procession around Rome's churches to atone for all his heretical mismanagement of the Church. 

Then we have bungling Joe Biden, the leader of the "free world", the person the liberal PC mainstream media will not touch even now after all his incompetent actions. This so-called "devout" Catholic officiated in several same-sex marriages and has been a very vocal supporter of abortion. In recent days Biden and that other so-called "Catholic" American House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to take action against Texas' new heart beat law; for once a heart beat is detected the foetus cannot be aborted. Perhaps we should not be so shocked that the mainstream media is so outraged at the bill. His withdrawal from Afghanistan was the height of incompetence, leaving many at the mercy of the Taliban and at the same time giving these terrorists one of the most well equipped armies in the world - for nothing. In another age Biden would be prosecuted for arming terrorists. 

It's not clear why these long term politicians are so "Woke". It's almost as if they have enacted policies put forward by the left-liberal media, for the media is power. However, now that they have caught up with the media and are leading again, or rather are eagerly jumping over the precipice of ultra liberalism, they are leading the destruction of Western culture faster than the media, who rush to catch up and overtake the government in pushing the whole of society over the edge. Make no mistake: the Main Stream Media, politicians like Biden and churchmen like this pope are destroying civilisation.

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