Monday, 13 April 2020

Cardinal Pell

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all CUT supporters and readers of the Clear vision Catholics blog. 

We hope all our members are keeping safe from the Wuhan Virus which we are told to call Covid 19.

Here is a bit of good news among all the bad justice has at last been done in the case of Cardinal Pell.

Cardinal Pell Released and found completely innocent but the Secular Media still hound him.

Cardinal Pell has been found not guilty by Australia's highest court but the secular media continue to crucify him. This should be a warning for all faithful Catholic on how the modern secular liberal media hate us are why. They seem to be egging on the lawyers to continue their claims the Guardian is a case in point and generating hatred for all things and people faithful to Catholic teachings seem to be a way of life at this disgraceful rag. The BBC is no better, instead of reporting about the injustice done to an innocent man their five minute news report was dedicated to the reaction of a lady who lamented the effect this would have on 'survivors' there was no concern for the good bishop whatsoever, this again shows the misuse of media power. There are of course many fallen priest and bishops in the Church, perhaps less than in other sections of society but nevertheless there are there and has brought great shame to the Church and faithful. The fact is they are pushing bishops and priest to remain silent on traditional family values and they are tentivly supportive of dissident bishops and priests. The power of the media is real, destructive, and present.

The real reason why Cardinal Pell is being persecuted

However why are they going for Cardinal Pell with such ferocity? The simple reason is that he is a Conservative and in 2002 he refused to give LGBT sash wearing activist Holy Communion, he has also been quoted as saying "Same-sex marriage and adoption changes the meaning of marriage, family, parenting and childhood for everyone, not just for homosexual couples," and has made any statements upholding Church teaching on family issues. This is enough to draw the fire of the secular media throughout the liberal media world and in particular the Australian media and the Victoria police and the judiciary. Please click here to see an article by Dr Joseph Shaw on Life Site news. 

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