Sunday, 24 May 2020

Abortion and the World Health Organization

The Unhealthy World Health Organization 

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From CitizenGo

What the Media is not Telling You

If you turn on your television, the talking heads of the media are attempting to discredit the decision of U.S. President Donald Trump to stop U.S. funding to the World Health Organization (WHO). 

But, what they aren’t telling you is WHO’s record. 

When WHO receives public funds from the UK these funds are used to: 

  • Create and support a curriculum for comprehensive sexuality standards, which teaches "masturbation” to children from ages 0 to 4.
  • Promote abortion as a human right
  • Lobby countries to legalize abortion. 
  • Partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion activists
  • Support the legalization of prostitution
  • Force doctors to perform sex reassignment surgery on children

The U.S. contribution is only 15% of WHO’s budget and President Trump is under heavy pressure to reverse his decision.

A global “health” organization that pumps billions annually into our society to harm children is not needed. And, President Trump’s plan to defund WHO is offering us a real opportunity to see an end to their global agenda that opposes our values. 

However, to make up for the loss of funding from contributions made by the United States, WHO and its ideological allies are calling for increased voluntary donations from other countries. 

And, the UK and G20 countries are top of that list.

by Caroline Farrow of CitizenGo

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