Wednesday 2 August 2017

BBC's massive "Gay" season

The BBC and Gay Britannia

With the BBC's Gay Britannia season in full swing we can have no doubts just how far from the teachings of Christianity the Corporation has come. It was of course one of the leaders in the brainwashing of the country into accepting the ancient but always prohibited perversion of sexuality.

They talk of victims and suicides, leaning on our empathy and our sympathy until most can no longer tell right from wrong. LGBTQ activists target children through the media and the schools and no one dare speak up for fear of being labelled "homophobic". What a nasty made up word to subvert and silence goodness it is.

The BBC have put together programmes on and for homosexuality on all of the many channels and mediums i.e. radio, television, magazines, and the internet with its own and various platforms: - You Tube, websites, live streaming podcasts etc etc. Yes, lesbian Auntie Beeb is also using every genre - news, current affairs, drama, film, comedy, romantic comedy, near porn, actual porn all put together by the henchmen (and henchwomen or henchothers, whatever) of perversion, i.e. celebrities, personalities, pop stars, actors, presenters, producers, directors and even I suspect cameraothers! Here we have a multi-level attack platform to attack what little resistance there is left in the country to the "Gay" onslaught. Oh, I forgot sport - but the BBC haven't, ever wonder why their main sports channel radio 5 Live keeps up the homosexual promotional rant, like a cracked David Bowie/Lady Ga Ga record or an advert for Vaseline? They have a documentary on why no footballer has come out produced by Gay Rugby player Gareth Thomas and Gay Lawyers to make Alfie v Homophobia: Hate in the beautiful game. That's another word the "Gay" community and their henchpersons like to throw in the face of anyone who stands up to them. But football is all about hate, or at least chants like for example "We hate Liverpool and Hate Man U but Chelsea Chelsea we love you"; it all depends which team you support of course. And if a supporter can upset a opponent's player by chanting at him then all the better. 

Only the other morning I heard an extremely indignant Rachel Burden of BBC's Five Live Breakfast show stridently exclaim "If two people love each other what the HECK does it matter what sex they are!" Well Rachel, leaving aside any religious objections, it's because they are using their bodies in unnatural ways that lead to disease, pain, suffering and an early death. Let alone the disproportionately large number of paedophiles there are in the LGBTQ "community". Ever heard of Boy Love Rachel? Well most Queers have. I'm using the word Queer here, it's a word I don't like to use as it's been used in an abusive way in the past. As Christians we should never stoop to using language to hurt. However, the BBC are not only using it, they have even made up a logo to splash across their Gay Britannia programme.

This year it's 50 years since the legalisation of homosexual acts and abortion in Britain, 100 years since the Russian Revolution and rise of Communism, 300 years since the first Grand Lodge of the Freemasons, and 500 years since Luther started the heretical Protestant revolt. However, there is an antidote to it all for it's also 100 years since Our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared at Fatima.


  1. The title of the piece led me to start humming "Rule Britannia" to myself; which in turn led me to wonder what Her Majesty thinks of all this. As far as I'm aware, no member of the Royal family has yet "come out". Imagine if, at some future date, an heir to the throne "married" someone of the same gender. Then we might have a King and a King Consort. Or maybe two Queens. Perhaps the Royal family should be the BBC's next target?

    Prayer Crusader Theresa of Ávila

    1. I don't actually like our Queen or the present Royal Family, (although I am a Royalist) they don't seem to do anything to support the family values, signing legislation to legalise abortion and same-sex marriage with out any sign of a "we are not amused" even hinted at.
      Prayer Crusader St Philomena

  2. Went down to see my sick father last weekend and as parents thought I'd find out about what the Gay Britannia is all about and I was right. Gays presented having fun - bigoted meanies like me trying to stop them - WWI love story about a captain and a private - but just as bad was a dating programme with a difference a contestants get to choose her or his blind date by selecting their date by exposed private parts only. Yes men and women are in a line of cubicles with only their privates showing most of their bodies and their faces are covered up. I tell you things are very sordid in TV land!
    Prayer Crusader St Philomena