Friday, 27 January 2017

Probably not the Last Temptation of Francis

  • ·         Catholic hierarchy's silence about modern film and TV is coming home to roost.

  • ·         The Pope meets Scorsese. Many are beginning to question the Pope's judgement on this and many other things.

  • ·         A Catholic points out Catholics cannot be Silent about Scorsese's Silence

  • ·         This film is a disgrace to the memory of the Catholic martyrs of Japan
The Pope meets Scorsese. Photo L'Osservatore Romano


Probably not the Last Temptation of Francis

After the last temptation thing I thought a Scorsese film would be off limits, but now "Silence". And the star? Neeson, the very man who with Amnesty International (founded by a Catholic) is attempting to destroy the beautiful protection of the unborn in Ireland. The preview indicates there are scenes of extreme violence. It is based of course on a Japanese novel (Catholic), and there has already been a Japanese film. Of course the setting is near Nagasaki. When we bombed that city, most of Catholic Japan died, only the Jesuits in the epicentre were unscathed. I don't want to upset anyone, but our moral duty was to demonstrate this barbarity of this film, Nagasaki and abortion see how that affected the Japanese.

My Japanese neighbour has visited Nagasaki, and she says there are some beautiful Catholic churches. She read the book several years ago. The Japanese are self-destructing; they are having no children - hence they lead in producing robots. When I was a student in London in the late '60's, I saw the Emperor Hirohito in a diplomatic car in Oxford street. However the book, now in English, could be worth checking out.

As for the brutality in Scorsese's Silence, the small bit of the brutality of this film which I have seen is alarming, so I won't be seeing it. As I am a long-term campaigner against torture, and having studied with military psychologists I am well aware that there are security situations but it can be a terrible thing, Jesus himself warned about it and the possibility of being cast body and soul into hell.

These matters are governed by the Official Secrets Act, and while in certain circumstances there may be legality, they may not be mentioned in court. The past situation with communism may have been far more serious than we thought, and when isolation is added, a person can be totally destroyed, even in his soul. Guantanamo bay is actually not the worst case scenario we have been led to believe. I say this, because people need to be aware what Christian martyrdom can in practice come down upon us, and eastern Christians certainly experienced it.

By Prayer Crusader, St Jane Frances de Chantal

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