Saturday, 1 November 2014

For the Family and the Catholic Church

18th Crusade of Prayer

For the next year starting on All Saints Day 1st November we continue to pray for the Family and Catholic Church.

Please pray that the Pope and Synod Fathers will strongly affirm the traditional Catholic teachings on the Family in 2015.

The BBC continues to undermine the Family

To understand the pressures on the family and the Catholic Church’s moral teachings one only has to turn on any main stream media channel in the western world. In Britain we have that juggernaut of relentless political ‘correctness’, the BBC. It will not be long before the perverse and the unnatural is championed. Just listen to Radio 5 live Breakfast Show with Nicky Campbell if you want to hear the BBC brainwashing machine working in all its gory glory.

Nicky Campbell is very interesting. He appears to be as anti-Catholic as he is fanatically pro-‘Gay’. In the lead up to Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK in 2010 his anti-Catholicism became almost hysterical; he even had a phone in programme called “Are children safe in the Catholic Church?” Today he still has a problem when mentioning the Catholic Church; it seems he just can’t do it without bad mouthing her. Just before the Synod for the Family started he said there are still those in the Vatican who should be “banged up”, - said with a venomous relish that even Ian Paisley would have been proud of. He was probably referring to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, most likely because he wrote some great papers on affirming that sex should only be between a man and a woman and only after marriage.

The morning of the 30 October on Radio 5 live Breakfast was particularly gory when it came to the family. First there was the new national sperm bank which was trumpeted unreservedly at 5 Live. Then a very positively presented interview with a single mother who had IVF to conceive her children; followed closely by an interview with a homosexual man who likes to donate to sperm banks. Earlier there was an interview with someone to do with promoting a positive and inclusive curriculum to stop homophobia in schools. Also there was what sounded like an exploitative interview with a sad mother over the death of her daughter due to drugs. The poor mother here wanted all drugs to be legal and regulated, and all users to be trained in their usage. Of course the Radio 5 live team using their best Sun Newspaper style journalism appeared to just milk the story without properly exploring the probable consequences of this distraught mother’s campaign.

Well there you have it – a typical Radio 5 Live Breakfast Show to listen to over your cornflakes. Sperm banks and their homosexual donors, IVF treated single mums, children’s educators more interested in homophobia than education, and the legalising of all drugs. Should the BBC and its presenters be tried for crimes against humanity?

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