Friday, 25 July 2014

Same-sex Commonwealth

Commonwealth flag
The Same-sex kiss as part of opening of Commonwealth Games
Here we go again homosexuals using a major international event to further their agenda, this time a same-sex kiss as part of the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games. It if were an opposite sex kiss it would have probably raised eyebrows but no they have to shove homosexual activity in people’s faces again. Deliberately using the TV to attack the minds and sensibilities of any families left in the world who still think that this type of activity disordered and wrong. This was watched by one billion throughout the world.
It’s all part of how the homosexual lobby will brow beating anyone who dares to stand up to them. There still some countries in the Commonwealth where by law or by culture sodomy is either outlawed or culturally frowned upon. So they never miss an opportunity to flaunt their perversion. They portray themselves as victims of bigotry or so called homophobia when they themselves are the dictators of a new form of totalitarianism. Once again the rainbow flag flew at a major world event. Still Stonewall were happy and Peter Tatchell who describes himself as a Human rights campaigner said “It was a subtle, positive affirmation that gay people are part of Scotland and the Commonwealth.”  See how things are twisted ‘subtle’ and ‘Human rights’ being used in an oxymoronic way to achieve an effect.

The people who did the same-sex kissing was the compare John Barrowman and a volunteer male dancer – all part of  the opening sequence with a kilted cast playing at being at a wedding at Gretna Green, John Barrowman is best known for roles in Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Just so glad I do not have a Television and we once again say if you want to bring your children up as normal well adjusted people unplug your TV and throw it away. It’s the big mediated events like sports and Eurovision thats are now being used to promote the 'Gay' agenda, for they know people are turning away of main-stream TV and just watching via You-Tube etc programmes that are safe.

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