Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Irish Labour party gets its comeuppance

Pro-abort, pro-homosexual Irish Labour party decimated at European elections
Update from Ireland from our Prayer Crusader in Dublin
Greetings in our Lord, I have finally got around to writing again. Just a few musings on Europe as the dust settles on the European elections and on the Eurovision song contest. I think we can finally bid au revoir to the Eurovision as a decent form of family entertainment. I think back to Dana when she won it as an innocent seventeen year old in 1970 as she sang ‘all kinds of everything’, it’s gone a long way since then, unfortunately in the wrong direction. While it tells us a lot about the organisers and the participants liaising with the media in pursuing the pseudo liberal agenda it also tells us a lot about the people of Europe generally, what they’ve settled for and how they’ve been indoctrinated with the hogwash that the media has told them is the new norm. People always want to be with it. Whether it be fashion or whatever else people don’t want to be the odd one out or left behind so whatever is in vogue people will pay above the odds to have, to be cool, to be with it. As archbishop Fulton Sheen says, ‘what’s with it’, it’s dragging souls into hell’. Unfortunately it’s the media that dictates what’s ‘with it’ and in this case it’s transgenderism and homosexuality.
Dana a voice crying in the wilderness
                  Speaking of Dana, she was also an M.E.P. and has spoken continually for life and for family values in the European parliament, a voice crying in the wilderness. The European elections have shown that the people are in a state of revolt and driven to the extremes. The cosy consensus and smugness of the so-called centrist parties, centre left etc ., has been dealt a severe blow. It has left Europe and politics reeling. Politicians are struggling and grappling to ‘try and do something’ to rectify the matter but as usual it’s just grasping the nettle from the leaf. And you can be sure it’s not to help the people who need it but out of their own self interest, to cling to power. For instance just before the elections the govt were rescinding medical cards from terminally ill people and people with lifelong illnesses, but since the election they’ve been forced to reverse this decision. This is just one of many others. Just reflecting on this to ask where is society heading? The leaders have clearly abandoned the people. Extreme political parties are on the rise. How will it play out, will it be the inevitable break up of the European Union? Would that be such a bad thing?
Irish Labour party loses all its M. E. P.s and nearly all its councillors
            The Labour party here in Ireland were decimated in the elections losing nearly all their councillors and all their M.E.P.s. This is the party of Minister Pat Rabbitte from whom we received the compulsory household broadcasting charge. Commenting on the elections he said , Even if we’d (Labour) been led by John the Baptist we couldn’t have got better results, as the party leader was being forced to fall onto his sword. One Catholic commentator replied that if John the Baptist had been leading the party he would have made sure it was led to complete extinction.
            Still on the subject of the elections: nowhere was it found in the media, before or after, any comment whatsoever as regards the abortion bill.  The bill that caused the most controversial piece of legislation possibly that Ireland has ever seen elicited a conspiracy of silence. But there was one exception to this from an unexpected station. It was the Mark Coleman show on 106fm Newstalk (a very secular liberal station) 18th May. On it he excoriated Phil Prendergast, a Labour sitting M.E.P. (at the time) and denounced her thoroughly, after she had given all her reasons why she thought that the Labour party were doing badly in the polls. He put it to her that the real reason the Labour party was doing badly in the polls was because of their liberal agenda. This particular interview went on for over ten minutes with the presenter pressing her on this point.  It was with a pleasant surprise that I heard this interview and so on throughout the show which also included a pro-life politician. It’s well worth a listen to on their podcast and it’s how a presenter should conduct a show on politics with fairness and balance.
Huge pro-Life vigil ignored by Irish Media
            On May 3rd I attended a prolife vigil in Dublin city; about 15,000 people attended. There wasn’t a mention of it at all on the national station. On the same day in Belfast 500 people attended a rally to protest about the arrest of Gerry Adams by the police investigating the death of Jean Mc Conville. This protest was on every news programme, consuming large sections of them, and the next day as well.
            At the vigil there were some speeches; the main speech was given over to denouncing the media. The text of this speech is on the website of The Pro life campaign. Also at the vigil there was a very innovative video played by a group called ‘Hear Both Sides’. It has a lively beat of music and enumerates all the instances with exact facts and figures in which there was bias shown by the media in regards to the run up to the legislation for abortion in Ireland. Well worth a viewing; it’s on You tube and should come up if you type in Hear both sides.
            You’ve probably heard by now about the mother and babies home issue. I’ve actually heard it on the BBC; it said the Irish government is to set up a commission of enquiry to investigate the mothers and babies homes.
Pregnant women fleeing to Ireland to avoid UK forced adoption
            It would take too long to enumerate it all here. It was a societal issue. It was their families who put them in there. Society and government at best stood back and turned a blind eye, only too happy to be having the problem dealt with by others. The religious had these situations foisted upon them by society. This is not to excuse any maltreatment meted out to these mothers and babies but the blame has to be kept in perspective and that was the way society functioned in those days for better or for worse. The enquiry will bring these things to light. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about it. In case you think it’s all misery for mothers and babies in Ireland RTE’s primetime on May 8th was about pregnant women fleeing from the UK to Ireland to avoid the forced adoption of their babies by UK authorities. I haven’t seen the program, just been informed of it.
                 Well that’s all for now. All the best,
                                                God bless,
                                               Dominic Casey - Dublin


  1. It seems that Irish Catholics have the same problem that British Catholics have, a media that hostile to life and have embraced the Satanic.

    1. Yes the hand of Satan can clearly be seen in most of the secular media even in Catholic countries like Ireland

  2. One thing that has pleased Satan whether in the UK or Ireland is the Anglicans have abolished him , they don't apparently acknowledge his existence! Unfortunately he has made his presence in both countries very obvious . RIGBY