Monday 7 July 2014

Investigation into BBC Child Abuse

Investigations into child abuse by BBC and NHS and MPs

Prime Minister David Cameron has at last vowed to leave no stone unturned into investigations of paedophile rings at the BBC the NHS and in politics. But will this be a proper investigation regarding the causes into who were involved and why did this happen?

It is perhaps strange how things have change at the BBC regarding the reporting of child abuse, up until last summer 40% of all their news reporting and documentaries regarding child abuse were about the Catholic Church, it now turns out that those in the Church were the least offenders. It’s BBC themselves who BBC should be making documentaries current affairs and news reports about but we can’t trust them to do thorough investigative journalism here. Not if the Saville case and other BBC staff is anything to go by.

We say it’s about time the BBC is properly investigated, and doesn’t it seem a bit convenient that files on abuse by MPs were lost by an ‘incompetent’ Home Office?

The head of the Whips office during Edward Heath’s government, Tim Fortisque told a BBC documentary in 1995 that MP’s would come to them if they were in a bit of a jam and wanted some help to suppress scandals involving small boys! Why didn’t the BBC make this piece of information widely known in recent times, could it be they wish to differentiate between homosexuals and men who abuse boys? They are actually one and the same, of course not every homosexual abuses young boys but proportionally a larger number of them do than other sections of society.

For two long the BBC have used their privileged position in the news media to bully Catholics in virtually all spheres. It’s about time they were abolished as a public funded institution and privatised – sold off like British Gas and the rest.

Here are some questions we asked in out last newsletter:

Why are there just so many paedophiles at the BBC?
               There have been some really scary news items recently, albeit that when they involve homosexuals the BBC and also RTE appear to try and suppress them. The case of the 10 year old boy who raped another boy in the school toilets after watching homosexual porn, shows how the young mind can be so totally corrupted. The case of the 15 year old who stabbed his teacher to death after playing violent video games proves the point. Then there is the endless stream of paedophiles being exposed who have worked at the BBC. The huge numbers of victims of Jimmy Savile appear to be just the tip of a child abuse iceberg at the BBC. Yet the BBC is able to blame the individual and the Corporation gets away almost scot free. Is this the BBC gagging its employees and buying their silence with licence fee payers’ money? They deny this. The answer to the sub-title question why there are just so many paedophiles at the BBC, is the Cult of Celebrity. In today’s media governed culture celebrities are the super-heroes of today. They can get away with most things - sex, drugs and rock and roll and up until recently, child abuse. Here it is also important to note the numbers of homosexuals at the BBC; it is a fact, as we mentioned in the last editorial, as a proportion of society they are more likely to indulge in child abuse than heterosexuals.

The mediated homosexual emperor has no clothes
               It’s not just at so called ‘Gay Pride’ marches that the homosexuals flaunt themselves with as little clothing on as possible, to the amusement and corruption of the millions who watch these perverse jamborees. They are also supported by the MSM and much of the social media. We have a society that has plummeted to the depths of Sodom and Gomorrah. Perhaps as in the case of Lot in Genesis it is only the few God fearing people who try and reverse this endless tidal wave of iniquity that stays God’s hand. We must pray for the BBC and those who work there, for they are even failing to properly report on the massive homosexual child abuse scandal of Liberal MP Cyril Smith. Labour MP Simon Danczuk who lifted the lid on Smith’s crimes has accused the BBC of extraordinary bias.
               The time will come when a child (perhaps a poor abused child) will point out that the big fat pink emperor of the homosexual media empire has no clothes.

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