Sunday, 15 June 2014

Militant Secularism

Militant Secularism - induced by the Main stream Media
Militant Secularism is in the news at the moment with both Ann Widdecombe and Archbishop George Gänswine, the Prefect of the Papal Household, commenting on it. Archbishop Gänswine disclosed that there have been 414 recent registered attacks on Christians and Christian institutions in Germany. Ann Widdecombe claimed it’s easier to be a Nazi or a Communist in post-war Britain than a Christian. She went on to say that militant secularism is affecting Christians so much in this country that many are hiding their faith. I heard the interview with Miss Widdecombe on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Stephen Nolan’s show when she made these claims, and I can confirm that she is absolutely right having personally experienced many times attacks for being a Catholic let alone a Christian. I then heard an incredulous Nolan repeatedly interrupt her with the word ‘Militant’. ‘Militant’ - all I can say to this is Mr Nolan yes and you’ve just given an example of this militancy, for you and other BBC presenters are such a prime example of the militant secularists that you can’t see our own nose in front of your face even when you look in a mirror.

Ann Widdecombe, who became a Catholic in 1993, said: "Christians now have quite a lot of problems, whether it's that you can't display even very discreet small symbols of your faith at work, that you can't say 'God bless you', you can't offer to pray for somebody; if it's an even bigger stance on conscience that you're taking, some of the equality laws can actually bring you to the attention of the police themselves.’ She is absolutely right, but she didn’t say why Christians are finding it so difficult these days; perhaps she was just being polite, unlike Mr. Nolan. I doubt if I would have been so restrained. It is the BBC that has caused so many problems for Christians and especially Catholics. They are in a position to do so much good and yet fail every time. There’s no freedom of conscience any more.  Even in World War II one could be a conscientious objector, - see this article: Allowing Conscientious Objections is the Hallmark of a Civilised Society It’s such a shame that so many of our brave soldiers died for these rights in two world wars only now to find we live in a politically correct dictatorship.

Miss Widdecombe went on to say "So I think it is a very difficult country now, unlike when I was growing up, in which to be a Christian, an active Christian at any rate."

"In the 1950s when plenty of people had lost lives and limbs and loved ones to the Nazis, it was still possible to be a Nazi in this country.

"When we were engaged in the height of the Cold War, when there were all those weapons lined up on the borders of the Warsaw Pact countries pointing straight at us, you could still, in this country, proclaim yourself as a Communist, you could still stand for Parliament for that matter as a Communist.

"You wouldn't get in but you could stand. You could sell the Morning Star on street corners.

"We have always respected, no matter how strongly we felt as a nation at the time, we've always respected the right of people to their own views and I do feel nowadays as a combination of political correctness and equality law and all the rest of it, we've started suppressing the expression of conscience."

Misreporting of the babies graves’ in Ireland for Militant Secular ends

The MSM continue to make it difficult for Catholics especially with the misreporting of babies’ graves in Ireland without really bothering to really find out the facts (as indeed the Irish media are).

"The Week" quotes reports from the Independent and from the Daily Mail, both very negative towards the mother and baby home in question, and from the Irish Independent, particularly negative towards the Church. It also quotes from Tim Stanley's "Telegraph" blog, more measured, and pointing out that "The Sisters of Bon Secours worked on a tiny government budget", and "were prepared to do something that the rest of the community would not - care, no matter how poorly, for unwanted children".

Why are the Irish press and TV so anti-Catholic? The simple answer is the secular media in all its forms are intrinsically evil. They will not engage in genuine investigative journalism when it comes to the Catholic Church on this matter or any other, they will misreport what happened and use this as another stick to beat the Church. One wild report said that the nuns were murdering babies this is of course ridiculous. The truth is now coming out all the deaths were registered and they took place over a long period of time. A time of poverty in Ireland when the people were close to starvation and people could not withstand sickness so well, there were also problems in Britain and many other parts of Europe we people going hungry.
Misreporting of the Savitra Halappanavar for Militant Secular ends

Another widely misreported piece of "information" - the cause of death of Savitra Halappanavar in Ireland. Although the official inquiry into her death confirmed that she died of septicemia and that an abortion would not have saved her life, it has been very widely reported that she died because the staff of the hospital in Ireland wouldn't perform an abortion.

The hospital was indeed at fault, for failing to recognise that she had septicemia and consequently failing to treat her for it, but not for refusing to abort her. And largely on the basis of this case, the law in Ireland has now been changed to allow abortion where the mother's life is deemed to be at risk, - including from suicide, and doesn't that open wide a door to abortion on demand.

Appearances on Slovak Catholic TV Lux

Whilst I was over in Slovakia recently to help with the post-production of EWTN-Lux’s latest documentary I was also able to give CUT and the Crusade of Prayer a plug on Slovak Catholic TV. People were surprised to hear I do not have a TV, so I was able to explain why and give examples of documentaries that have attacked the Church caused problems for Catholics. Slovakia still has a vibrant Catholic faith with queues for the confessional stretching around the church even on a week day. So I said, as much as I love my country I suggested that they should not look to Western Europe and Britain for cultural leads.


  1. Prayer Crusader St Cecilia says:
    After a period of silence please don't get me started on the evils of the BBC! I only listen to radio and that sparingly so I may actually be doing the BBC an injustice - unlikely as it seems. Two things have struck me recently. First, in their reporting of the despicable abduction of school girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram the BBC 'religiously' refused to report that the girls were overwhelmingly Christian. It finally took Boko Haram's own confirmation of this fact for the BBC to grudgingly admit the girls were Christian - having done so for a day or two it swiftly went back to censuring the 'C' word and I haven't heard it again in their reporting of this story.
    Similarly, in the current melt-down in Iraq due to the ISIS advance, the BBC have shown utter uninterest in the fate of the Christian minority in northern Iraq in general (where many of them fled to escape the killings in Baghdad) and in Mosul in particular. Astonishing isn't it: the persecution of Christians in Iraq by Muslim extremists has been widely reported on in the past few years (much less so by the BBC), many of the Christians fled to the perceived relative safety of northern Iraq, now the area has been overrun by the murderous ISIS and yet the BBC - claiming to be journalists, i.e. interested in reporting current events!! - has shown no interest - none, zero, zilch - in even wondering about the fate of those many Christians who took refuge in the north. Even if you hate Christians you might think, h'm it's worth a story, are they still there, have they fled again, or have ISIS rounded them up? But nothing, not a whisper! In other words the BBC is not a reputable fact-gathering news organisation, it's an ideological machine which operates more like a political movement propagating its own doctrinal view of the world, but a machine paid for by a tax enforced by the criminal law on the citizens of the UK. Well, not me because I don't have a TV.
    Oh and by the way, if I hear one more 'Muslim-friendly' programme on, of all places, Radio 3 I shall soon not have a radio either!
    I assisted at a wonderful celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi yesterday evening - thank God for His truth always in the world and always on offer to us if we only dispense with our Marx-tinted spectacles.

    1. Welcome back Crusader
      You make some excellent points. The Radio, especially those stations that belong to the BBC which constitute most of the Radio stations in the country just back up the core ‘values’ of that hideous corporation. I say ‘values’ with difficulty for their so called values are the opposite to those of Christ and His Church therefore they are the anti-values of the anti-Christ. It’s odd that the BBC with its so called liberal stance on everything are not exposing Islam for being the extremely dangerous to civilised society, monster that it is, it’s like there is a big fat dangerous green elephant in full view of the BBC and they can’t see it probably dazzled by the crescent moon and star on it head. Just wait until a strong leader arrives in the Islamic world, a blood thirsty one like Nur Al-Din, or Bibars or even Saladin and unites these followers of nothing then we’ll be in trouble. However, for the moment most of the time the Sunni are content to bump off the Shi’a, God in his mercy divided them.
      Prayer Crusader St Philomena