Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Demons that come at you through unfiltered TV

The Demons that come at you through unfiltered TV and internet, and the Culture of Death
Before the read the below post you might like to hear the important sermon by Fr David Jones  on 4 December 2013

Q) What is the Culture of Death?
A) The Culture of Death kills its most vulnerable.

Q) Who are the most vulnerable?
A) The unborn child through abortion, the sick and the elderly through euthanasia, those who indulge in homosexual activities through dangerous forms of sex.

Q) Why do we believe the television is the Culture of Death’s biggest promoter?
A) Through emotive and one sided programmes in most television genres the TV companies have consistently promoted abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality.
Q) Can the Culture of Death kill ones soul?
A) The soul cannot be killed, but it can be led into eternal damnation through accepting the culture of death.

Jesus said: "You serpents, you generation of vipers, how will you flee from the judgment of hell" (Matthew 23:33)

7 Modern plagues of the Culture of Death made worse by the television

1 Abortion
As we have highlighted in past newsletters the television has been at the forefront of the pro-abortion lobby. The BBC in particular has made pro-abortion plays and current affairs programmes, in fact Britain’s premier broadcaster has led the world in this regard. Robin Aitken a BBC reporter for 25 years wrote in his book Can we Trust the BBC ‘So strong is the BBC’s support for abortion that it can now be considered one of the Corporation’s core values.

AIDS is cause by sexual activity outside of marriage. If people follow Catholic teaching that they must wait until they are married before having sex and that they must remain faithful to their spouse for the rest of their life it is therefore impossible to get AIDS. This time
honoured solution is being broken by secular society led by televised infidelity supported by secular society who’s only solution is condoms, which of course have failed. Condoms and/or the television have caused immense suffering in the world. Should TV executives be tried for crimes against humanity?

3 Child Abuse
There is an epidemic of Child Abuse in modern secular society, in every institution. There are 60 cases of child sex abuse reported every day in England and Wales. The devaluing of children by the film and television by making them look like little adults, dressing them in inappropriate clothes sometimes with adult slogans on their t-shirts is shameful. In the sixties Pope Paul VI in Humane Vitae warned us about the consequences of abortion and the devaluing of human life ultimately children would be the victims.

4 Pornography
if you have a television you will come across pornography, its everywhere and in virtually every television genre. With digital and satellite television there are whole channels dedicated to just showing pornography. We have a pornified society where many young men and women use porn like drugs to get a high.

5 Homosexuality
Television programmes have been at the forefront of making homosexuality acceptable to ordinary people. Emotive TV programmes beamed into people front room have brainwashed them into accepting what is a very dangerous and unnatural habit. The world’s 24 hour news stations will always broadcast ‘Gay’ Pride marches with all its excesses. A Family Research Institute study of 2007 found that homosexuals die on average in their early 50s if they have AIDS in their 40s. In the homosexual Washington Blade (Dec.2000) it was revealed that a San Francisco study found that HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is "almost universal".

6 Violence
Violence in modern society is out of control, stabbings, shootings, all brought on by televised violent images that cut through human reason and manipulate his actions. Social scientists blame it on poverty, nonsense, it’s cause by material pride promoted by TV.

7 Blasphemy
We have saved the worst plague until last, an epidemic of televised blasphemy. The television has transmitted the most appalling blasphemy into people’s homes. Blasphemy like pornography is infectious and can be burnt into your conscious. A good enough reason to chuck the telly in its own right.


  1. Oh so true. Only with a committed clergy, priests and Bishops willing to give their all to Christ can the Church come alive and start changing society away from destruction and towards the path of holiness. Towards God in Christ.
    Sadly the Church in the west is on the back foot . . .

    1. Agreed, clergy need to be one hundred percent committed these days, and put Christ before all, because they will have dissent and liberal views coming at them from all directions. All back up by the powerful modern secular media.

  2. Prayer Crusader St Cecilia says: I would like to add a note of dissent (horror!) to the point about blasphemy - endless blasphemy about Christianity, yes; but where's the blasphemy about the broadcast media's favourite religion, Islam? None to be seen or heard! Indeed, constant promotion instead of the religion of 'peace and compassion'. BBC Radio Three has been runnig yet another series about the glories of Islam - in effect, how Islam civilised the world. Most of it is self-deluding lies and misrepresentation, but most people won't know that because the teaching of genuine history was driven from our school system a good few years ago by the social Marxists.

    1. Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached