Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pink Swastika

The Pink Swastika

You don’t need me to tell you that there have been some extraordinary developments in the last few years particularly in the area of so called ‘Gay’ rights. The pro-homosexual lobby in Britain and Europe has achieved victory after victory not only in the legislature but more importantly in the minds of ordinary people. Now that the Queen (our last hope) has given the Royal assent to “Gay” marriage, and the Archbishop of Canterbury has said that the Christian attitude to gay people is ‘wicked’ and that we should ‘repent’, their victory is almost absolute. Blimey, this is a complete reversal of the position of Christian leaders a few years ago. At CUT we believe there is one reason for this – the media is so pro-homosexual that they have brainwashed the majority into accepting what is an unnatural and dangerous form of sex.

It’s not only the decadent West that the media is now trying to influence but more Traditional family minded countries in Central and Eastern Europe and in particular Russia.

BBC gives pro-homosexuals a platform to attack Russian laws
It appears that Steven Fry and others have being given a platform by the BBC to campaign for a protest at the Winter Olympics against Russia. President Putin’s government recently put in place laws that stop the promotion of homosexuality in the media such as Gay and Lesbian kissing on television. With all the fuss some are making in western Europe you’d think they have actually banned homosexuality altogether; but no, homosexuals are as free to indulge themselves in their dangerous sexual practices in Russia as they are in Western Europe. Steven Fry’s recent open letter to David Cameron and the Olympic Committee is a case in point, using words like “barbaric” and claiming that Russia’s new laws are “making scapegoats of gay people, just as Hitler did Jews”. This type of language seems offensive to the memory of holocaust victims. Just because they can’t force ‘Gay’ kissing on prime time family viewing on the TV and in other forms of media they are labelling countries Nazi. Russia, you should understand, lost 25 million killed to the Nazis during WWII. It must be shocking for them to be labelled like this. Many Nazis were in fact homosexuals and in an act of self-hatred persucuted other homosexuals.

In Britain of course homosexual kissing and other pro-Gay storylines are common fare especially during primetime family viewing. For those at the BBC who use family viewing time to install pro-Gay storylines know exactly what they are doing. They want, as a prime objective, to install pro-homosexual values to their viewers and they will browbeat anyone who dares protest by labelling them homophobic or Gay bashers.

We are not homophobes – they are!
Don’t be afraid of being labelled homophobic when you are standing up for natural law and justice. The real homophobes are those who are so afraid of the pro-homosexual lobby that they will give in to any of their demands. David Cameron is homophobic and so is the Archbishop of Canterbury and anyone who has a fear of being labelled ‘homophobic’. But how long will it be before the time comes that even to write a blog or raise any objection to the homosexual lobby will mean being thrown into prison or a psychiatric ward? Remember: the use of the word phobia means that you have a problem, an unnatural fear, in this case of homosexuals. Therefore, you have a psychiatric problem for which you will need treatment.

The Sodom and Gomorra Broadcasting and Media Corporation
The secular media is bashing archbishop John Nienstedt for his Christian views on Gays.
The fanatically pro-homosexual Huff Post are at it again – whacking anything and anyone who will stand up and proclaim true Christian teachings on homosexuality. If these teachings are delivered in a clear and charitable way they will get even more indignant, see this page from the Huff Post they have even posted EWTN’s video of him giving the offending talk. Well done EWTN and Archbishop John Nienstedt; as I have always said, when the pro-homosexual lobby and its brainwashing media outlets start to praise the Church that’s when we need to worry. But like Lot during his visit to Sodom and Gomorra we need to pray for them even when they are in the streets and shouting in our faces.
They’ll keep the pink flag flying here
Is this getting pretty close to the real philosophy of the Nazis and other totalitarian philosophies:   that purging the views of any section of society which does not conform to the media-approved norm could soon be upon us? Some in the hotel industry already believe this, and can you get a job in many areas of the public sector if you believe in traditional family values? The Pink Swastika may be a provocative title for this post but when Western broadcasters such as Steven Fry and others like the Huff Post and the BBC start to try and ‘civilise’ other cultures into what they believe to be the norm, we are on a very ‘sticky wicket’.


  1. This looks quite interesting

    Prayer Crusader under the patronage of St. Teresa of Avila

  2. Steven Fry made such an unbelievable "joke" about St Catherine of Sienna on his QI programme a couple of years ago that I can never forgive him. It was that she had in her possession the foreskin of Christ. (I believe this was removed at the Circumcision. If I know that, St Catherine knew it.) Does he have no conception of who this great saint is that he dares to make such remarks? Please stop watching him everyone!

    1. We must pray for him. To say such a thing his soul must be in a terrible state, I know we must not be judgmental but we know a person by their actions and their statements. This is why we pray for celebrities and not only for them but for those who snigger at such jokes and those who are influences by them