Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Still hounded by the media


Pope Benedict and Cardinal Pell

Two gentle heroes of Christian Orthodoxy

The headline of The Independent's article on the funeral of Cardinal Pell said it all. 'Pell Burn In Hell': Clashes break out at funeral of cardinal accused of child sex abuse. It is very clear what the message of Alisha Rahaman wanted to convey to her readers. Cardinal Pell is guilty, Pope Benedict is guilty, but guilty of what? What are they really guilty of? Could it be that what they are really guilty of is being true to the teachings of the Catholic Church? And being brave enough to say that homosexual acts are sinful is what they are really guilty of, how dare they stand by the true teachings of the Church, they need to be crushed. And this is what the whole LGBT 'community' is doing to the Church: trying to crush the goodness out of her. It doesn't matter how vicious they are, how unfair they are, they will use any tactic they can.

            The people outside Cardinal Pell's funeral with their signs that attempt to perpetuate the myth that Cardinal Pell was guilty, even though everybody knows he certainly was not, even though he served a prison sentence, and was acquitted for the wrongful sentencing. They should be hanging their heads in shame and asking for his forgiveness. Especially as the real child abusers are often members of the so-called 'Gay' community. Report after ignored report find that over 81% of the child abusing priests are actually homosexual1. And yet poor reporting, as was on display at the Independent, prevail. Alisha Rahaman and the whole of the left leaning secular media should be begging God’s forgiveness for the way they have treated Cardinal Pell and Pope Benedict.


A link to the guilty article ‘Pell Burn In Hell’: Clashes break out at funeral of cardinal accused of child sex abuse (msn.com)

If you wish to complain about this bigoted article here are some contact addresses

2 Derry Street, London, W8 5HF: Telephone +44 20 7005 2000




1 John Jay Report (john jay report on clergy abuse - Search (bing.com))

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