Tuesday, 24 January 2023

TV Licensing letter

Dear Jackie Garswood (Customer Services Manager TV Licencing)

 Regarding your letter informing me that my No Licence Needed status expires February 2023.

 I wish to inform you that I do not have a TV and I have no intention of watching live broadcasts on any device what so ever.

 I believe that the BBC and the vast majority of the main stream media is destroying Western Civilization, already Christianity has fallen below the 50% mark in England and Walesfor the first time since seventh century.

 I firmly believe that the TV is a very destructive occasion of sin, that when it's not putting a militant secularist spin on the news and current affairs it is engaging in social engineering through drama and especially the Soaps.

 In fact I would not watch the BBC or any broadcast live television even if you paid me let alone pay you to do so. No thank you.

 Yours sincerely


Stefano Mazzeo

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