Sunday, 26 February 2023

Main Stream Media and the onslaught on Christendom


The Enemies of Christendom

The enemies of Christendom are of course many; they are legion, they all stem from one source: the Devil and his demons. The Devil today has many weapons and these he uses to attack Christendom, which I believe does still exist. Perhaps some of the most effective weapons in Satan's arsenal are the modern secular media. The TV is in virtually everyone's home; cinema and Hollywood do not provide us with many faith-inspiring films if any. The newspapers and their on-line versions are overwhelmingly liberal and will attack anything and everyone who supports traditional Christian values; they actively support 'lifestyles' that are contrary to Christian ethics and theology.

                If you look at the vast array of the modern secular media you would be hard pressed to find anything that actually supports Christian and therefore conservative values. There are just so many of them, all run by left leaning liberal loonies. Let us not mince our words here; they are leading people to perdition.

                However, people are beginning to doubt the BBC's and similar current affairs and news output, but they do not know why? For example they may notice sometimes that the Main Stream Media (MSM) slant a news story by its tone, content and the interviews to emphasise a certain viewpoint, well perhaps some people are but not the vast majority who are completely sold on all the modern "moral" issues:

 For example:

·        The Alphabet people good; traditional family values bad, toxic and far right.

·         Abortion is a woman's right to choose, a human right and a health right; pro-life views bad, toxic, anti-woman and far right.

·         Biden, good, a gentleman, he is fully in tune with the modern media and the media him. Trump bad, evil, pro-life, toxic and far right.

·         Feminism good and so are all black people etc.; white men bad, toxic and mostly white supremacist, far right (unless they are "Gay" or in tune with).

·         Islam good, and a religion of peace; Traditional Christianity especially Catholicism bad, toxic, has an evil past, oppressive of women and "gays" and therefore far right.

 The list goes on with many sub-sections of the above but there is a narrative that runs throughout the MSM, that everything that was held to be good in the past is now bad, toxic and far right.

 A few are beginning to see how the left/liberal media works, especially with the way they slant the news, the tone etc.; however, the TV channels and Film are just stepping up their use of the soaps and other drama output to a more woke narrative to sell the 'message' as some internet conservative pundits are calling it.

 So the enemies of Christendom are obvious but I'll name some them here so as you read their names please pray for them and especially those who are still blinded to them. We'll start with the obvious: TELEVISION - The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNB. FILM- Hollywood and pretty well all the studios. NEWSPAPERS - The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, The New York Times, The Washington Post etc. - ON LINE STREAMING - Amazon, Netflix etc. and let's not forget The Huffpost and Wikipedia, all these media outfits will follow the pro-abortion - pro- Alphabet people line and if you oppose this you are bad, toxic and far right. And this is just the UK and the USA. Therefore, it's against this relentless left/liberal messaging that faithful orthodox Catholics must live. Are there any "conservative" media outlets? you may ask. Well, there is Fox News and GB News; however, they too will follow the pro-abortion pro-alphabet people line when pushed, so no solace there. So outside of EWTN, Church Militant, The National Catholic Register, The Catholic Herald and a few you tube channels who sometimes get it wrong too, there is very little media to support Christendom.

By Prayer Crusader St Philomena

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