Monday 12 July 2021

The Big Gay Hate Machine

The Big Gay Hate Machine
Christian baker Jack Phillips
The LGBT "community" are relentless. They keep coming at you on all fronts and they can be vicious with it; if they are not vicious then they play the victim card. If you push-back and state Christian teachings regarding homosexual acts they label you a hater! Forgetting completely that the actions the so called "Gay" lobby are using are the tactics of hatred. For example, Jack Phillips of the Masterpiece Cake Shop in the USA has been repeatedly taken to court for refusing to bake a cake celebrating anything LGBT; it's not that he will not bake a cake for a homosexual or Trans person, he just will not decorate his cakes with anything celebrating a sinful act whether "Gay" or Trans etc. There were other cake shops around him who did not have a Christian conscience who would have been happy to have baked the "Gay" cake, but the LGBT community want to force him to violate his Christian beliefs or be shut down. So the LGBT community and their supporters have been relentless in their pursuit of him, and with huge funds behind them they are taking him to court again, this time for a "Trans" cake, and hope to get the ruling they want and close him down. Such hatred, such relentless pursuit of an innocent Christian, is breath taking. How do we as Christians respond? It is perhaps all too easy to sink to their level and hate in response but we cannot do this: Christianity is the religion of love. However, what are we talking about when we state this? Our love does not mean we go along with the LGBT demands; no, that would not be love, that would be cowardice. We must stand firm and show these poor souls the truth of their actions and point out that their lifestyles are leading them to damnation. If we fail to do this we are helping them on their way to eternal death, the death that they are living here on earth at this moment and will carry into eternity. Therefore, we cannot bake their cakes, just as they cannot have their cake and eat it.

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