Saturday 31 March 2018

Save the 8th amendment

The Irish Referendum

                      What is the referendum in Ireland about? Well, it is about light v darkness. How did it come to this? What course did it take? I will try to answer.
                     In 1983 Ireland had a very divisive - I mean very, very divisive - referendum and referendum campaign leading up to the referendum. I remember it well as I campaigned on the pro- life side, with a truck load of pro-aborts hurling abuse at us when they came across us. The two main pro-life groups at the time were the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (S.P.U.C.) (which I campaigned with) and the Pro Life Amendment Campaign(P.L.A.C.). There were many liberals who wanted to introduce abortion to feel ‘with it’ among the nations that had introduced abortion. Thankfully Ireland was a more Catholic country then than it is now, and there was a sizeable amount of politicians who were against abortion. There was at that time scant protection for the unborn in the law, only an English law dating back to 1861 which was somewhat vague. So it was decided to put it to the people and to hold a referendum.  As I said, it was a very acrimonious debate. And no surprise, with the media constantly against us slinging mud at every turn.
              Despite this the people through the grace of God decided that they did not want abortion and said a big NO with two thirds of the people voting against abortion. Thank God. The people had spoken. The constitution was amended and article 40.3.3 was inserted into the constitution, that ‘the state acknowledges the equal right to life of the unborn with due regard to the right to life of the mother’. I’m quoting this from memory. To put it basically the unborn child was seen as a person with equal rights. The only time when a pregnancy could be terminated was if the mother ‘s life was in danger, as this was not the direct intentional killing of the unborn but giving the mother the necessary life saving treatment that she needed where the unfortunate side effect of this is the death of the baby. So this became law and it could not be removed by politicians (praise God) as the constitution can only be changed by the people in a referendum. So basically the whole thing backfired on the pseudo liberals. They could not change it now. From the pro-life point of view Ireland was the jewel in the crown with its prominent protection of unborn children. And a lot of people didn’t like this.
 This  was the 8th amendment to the constitution. And is known as the 8th amendment or in current debates is commonly referred to as the 8th.                  
                           It was going to be hard for the pro-aborts to change this law. They didn’t go away. They constantly criticised and challenged this law (via the media) and sought for every opportunity to undermine it. Many pseudo liberal politicians, media and medical practitioners and others sought for loopholes.  Some opportunities came in 1999 and in 2003 when the people were again asked to vote on certain issues, such as: should women have the right to information about abortion abroad and have the right to travel to the UK to have an abortion, to which the people voted yes. (Sadly the commitment to life was beginning to wane somewhat as Ireland was being de-Catholicised most notably through sex abuse scandals and being constantly exploited by the media). Though the people still voted no to abortion in Ireland, thank God. Then there arose cases known as the x case and the c case where there was rape of minors. Here is a particular point of case which the media exploited non stop.
              Here entered  the European courts. They did their dirty work and told Ireland they had to change their pro-life laws, though they had no right to do so, to interfere in the laws of an individual nation. The politicians only too readily wanted to respond willingly to their bloodthirsty desires; only one small problem: article 40.3.3 of the Irish constitution stood between them and cruelly executing young Irish children. From this point onwards steam was building, with Ireland being now a member of the EU and them giving us our money (I say 'our' money as it’s not their money. Where do they get their money? Only from the people of the individual nations). Their viceroys, Irish politicians, are getting somewhat hot under the collar, when they’re getting rapped across the knuckles and being asked why they are not introducing abortion. This was to become more pronounced when Ireland needed a bail-out and Ireland had to receive bail-outs from ECB and IMF. From this point onward the EU pressure was really on and Ireland was at their bidding. Hence Irish politicians introduced in 2013 the so called ‘protection of life during pregnancy act’, a point in case of evil being called good (I won’t go in to the ins and outs of all these different scenarios and legislations) where abortion was introduced if the woman claimed she was suicidal. From here there was the referendum on ‘gay marriage’; sadly this was passed by the people in a referendum with unrelenting support by the media.
              From here it was a free for all. They were emboldened. They were going to go all out to get their debauched way. Next on their list was the constant thorn in their flesh: the jewel in the pro-life crown. That which is standing between their bloodthirsty desires and the cruel slaughter of the most vulnerable innocents. That which rouses their greatest ire. That which is preventing them from fully rejoicing in depravity (no matter how they dress it up otherwise, like compassion), article 40.3.3 of the Irish constitution. They have set their sights on it for a long time from within Ireland and around the world. Billionaires such as George Soros and Chuck Feeney and many others have been funding its destruction for a long time. It is the holy grail (or unholy grail). With subterfuge, spurious arguments, downright lies and arrogance they have got around to putting it to the people once again. Even that which has happened i.e. the political process, in the last sixteen months is surreal. All the events that led to the setting up of what is known as the citizens assembly (C.A.). The politicians, afraid to make the decision to have the referendum, off loaded it to the C.A. which was loaded. Loaded in many ways. Loaded with pro-aborts . Overseen by pro-aborts. Pro-aborts brought in to address it. The outcome, surprise surprise; they advocated abortion on demand up to 22 weeks. The government rubber-stamped this decision save only that they would reduce it to 12 weeks (knowing that 22 weeks was too radical. For now). It saved them the messy business of these controversial decisions. I’m just dealing with this whole process very fleetingly. It would cover a book in itself. The whole thing was a travesty. A farce from beginning to end.
                   The plot thickened about three weeks ago The supreme court heard a case in exceptional circumstances. The case was rushed through. It was a case appealed by the state. A case heard by the high court which stated that the unborn child had other rights apart from the right to life. It was taken by a Nigerian man who was to be deported. He claimed that he should not be deported because he was the father of an unborn child and the child had a right to a father. The government disagreed (most likely because it would have scuppered the chances of the government to have a referendum to have their way to introduce abortion. The government and all political parties are campaigning for abortion, except one very small party) and challenged the high court decision. Seven judges of the supreme court ‘reflected’ on the issue and said no, the unborn child does not have any rights except the right to life as stated in article 40.3.3.  This contradicted many judgements handed down by the courts over the decades. This appeal was rushed through in a matter of months where it normally takes years for an appeal to come before the high court. The head judge of the supreme court who was one of the seven is a known public advocate of abortion.
                    So the government is doing everything it can to have the referendum on May 25th, before all the students go off for the summer break and before the Pope comes to Ireland (there is the danger that he could influence people towards being pro-life). The Church has been very quiet. It is being pushed through the Dail stages at break neck speed. Now the campaigning is on. (The latest Irish times opinion poll puts the repeal, to give them a polite title, side at 56% while the retain the 8th gets 26% if you believe the Irish Times).  It is up to the people of Ireland to decide, to see through all the lies. It is an uphill battle. The last comparable poll put the repeal side at 60% and retain at 20%. So the gap is closing due to much hard work by pro-life people and the grace of God.
These are just some bullet points on the situation regarding the referendum at the moment. If anyone reading this has a vote in Ireland, please strongly consider coming home and casting your vote for life. Or if you know anyone who has a vote please encourage them to come home and vote for life. Pray that Ireland once more witnesses to the dignity of life in all its stages from conception, that Ireland could be a beacon of light to all the pro-life people and unborn around the world. The stakes are so high it cannot be overestimated.
              I remain optimistic. Most of all I trust in God from whom all help comes. If God is for us, who can be against us? The battle is mine, says the Lord.

By Prayer Crusader St Rita, Dublin 

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  1. Some excellent points made, I do hope the Ireland can hold out and continue to proclaim the very basic of human rights, those of the most defenceless of all, the child in the mother womb.