Saturday 25 June 2016

I expected this vote but I'm still saddened by it

Now that the people of the UK have cast their vote

Now that the people of the UK have cast their vote we should respect the outcome, those who wanted to remain should not claim that Leave didn't really know what they were doing, this is unfair and untrue. I did expect the vote to go this way and almost by this margin.

However, I have always been strongly pro-Europe much more so than for the UK. I don't really even believe that nation states are a good thing, I hoped for the unified Christendom of many countries and regions, that truly followed the doctrines of the Catholic Church, where wars would be no more and people could move and trade freely and live in whatever country they choose without restrictions. I am quite simply heartbroken about the result, I don't think now there is any chance of going back. Even with the strong petition for a new referendum, and I will not link it here, as I know many members of CUT were for leaving and for the most part been very tolerant of my views.

However, I did in the end post on it because the Catholics who I really respect, those the on Traditional and orthodox wing were all for coming out and no leader had emerged to fight for the Traditional Catholics who wanted to remain in Europe. I did not think I could do this either, but when they started to hold up the views and speeches of "moral liberals" like Boris Johnston, heretics like Ian Duncan Smith and the far right like Nigel Farage and Ukip I felt I needed to say something if only for my own conscience's sake.

Perhaps I am an idealist and my dreams were always impossible, but that has never stopped me in trying and fighting for what I believed is the best for Holy Mother Church, Like forming CUT to persuade Catholics to give up the TV and stop funding Satan's chief weapon against Christendom.

I am now slightly concerned by the jingoism being expressed in some areas, but I am sure the most Catholics and other Christians will reassure the Poles and others that there is no need to worry that the British sense of fair play and justice will prevail, just as the huge British populations living in European countries will have no need to worry, it just a pity that many of us now may find it difficult to join them.

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