Friday, 8 January 2016

A new form of terrorism

Muslim attacks on Western Women -

is this a new form of terrorism?

German police are shocked at the sheer number of violent sexual attacks on women. New Year’s Eve in Cologne and other German cities saw groups of "Arab or North African origin," men, according to German police, targeting women. The one word they and the Media will not use is "Muslim" for these attacks are being perpetrated by young Muslims. I know it's shocking to us in the West to admit this, for fear of being accused of racism, but if it's the truth it should be recognised. At CUT of course we will not tolerate any form of racism. But these attacks in Germany on women are a new phenomenon that needs to be addressed. However, the media - particularly the left liberal national broadcasters - are always ready to spring to the defence of Muslims. They will not address the issue so it's left to the individuals concerned, bloggers and some newspapers to state the obvious: that this is yet another form of terrorism; they want western women to conform to Muslim types of dress.

 An epidemic of rape in Western Europe
At CUT we have reported that some binge drinking women have let themselves down. It is not only these women who are to blame but also our media that has destroyed their faith and left many only with drink.  Even though they may end up very drunk, western men, in the main part, do not take advantage of them. However, it appears that rape is being used by some Muslims as part of their general interaction with the west, especially by newly arrived immigrants. A gang of over 1,000 were reported in Cologne targeting and molesting women. In their own countries women are kept down, hidden, or if they go out, covered from head to foot so as not to attract the attention of men. In some Muslim countries sexual violence is a way of life. Is this how western women will end up? The ridiculous mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, a supporter of mass immigration, seems to be hinting that this would be a solution, saying that women are causing these attacks and that they should have a "code of conduct". So what is she proposing: that western women adopt similar dress as in Muslim Countries?

Is this how western women should dress, so as not to
be molested by Muslims?


  1. There is an intention among some Moslems to form a European Caliphate and part of the offensive is to attack European women in order to demoralise our society.

    1. There can be no doubt that they want to impose their religion on Europe. And the MSM will not tell the truth about the extent of Muslim violence.

  2. But Islam is a peaceful religion, isn't it? At least that's what the 'great' and the 'good' keep telling us as they open the floodgates to millions of Moslems.